Does insurance cover biological dentists?

Yes. You can get insurance to cover a holistic dentist. A holistic dentist is a general dentist who has a certain philosophy in treatment. They consider the whole body in your dental care and not just your teeth.

What do biological dentists do?

A Biological Dentist Treats the Whole Person Dentists filled cavities, performed root canals and treated gum disease. Rarely, if ever, did they consider a patient’s overall physical health to uncover potential underlying causes for certain oral issues.

What is the difference between a biological dentist and a regular dentist?

Biological dentists focus on oral and overall health, while traditional dentists focus only on oral health. Because of this difference in focus, biological dentists often won’t use harsh metals or mercury in their treatment. If they feel it could be bad for your overall health, they try to avoid it.

Do biological dentists do root canals?

No, biological dentists do not usually do root canals. They are invasive, traumatic, and painful, not to mention they damage tooth structure. If you have a cavity or infection deep in the tooth, tooth extraction can be better than a root canal procedure.

Is it better to have a root canal or extraction?

A root canal has a better success rate than a tooth extraction because there are little to no future complications associated with the procedure. Root canals are performed by dentists to clean and restore an infected tooth. There is no need to extract or remove the tooth.

What is the most natural tooth filling?

White Fillings / Glass Ionomer Glass Ionomer fillings are the most natural fillings placed in the mouth. They bond naturally to the tooth through calcium bonds in the tooth and calcium in the filling material. No resins or ‘glue’ is needed for the bonding.

Can a dying tooth be saved?

A dead or dying tooth should be treated quickly because it can become infected and have negative effects on the jaw, gums and other teeth. “Dead tooth” is not always an accurate description. Although the pulp may have died, usually the tooth can be saved with a root canal.

Do holistic dentists pull teeth?

This is why a holistic extraction is important. During the extraction procedure, our Doctors will remove all diseased tissues along with the non-restorable tooth.

What do holistic dentists look for?

So, what should you expect from a holistic dentist?

  • A holistic approach to treatment.
  • The rejection of the use of mercury-based or amalgam fillings.
  • The use/testing of bio-compatible dental materials.
  • They use techniques that preserve as much of the tooth as possible.
  • They don’t offer fluoride treatments.

Where is the holistic dentist in Pittsburgh PA?

Pittsburgh Center for Holistic Dentistry is a mercury-free, mercury-safe, fluoride-free biological and holistic dental practice located in Shadyside, PA. ( Click here if you are traveling from out of town.)

Are there any case studies of biological dentists?

For dentists, this project is a presentations of two case studies of how they safely remove mercury from patients in their office, following our PROTECT Protocol, which you can learn more about here. For hygienists, it’s a small study or article, video, or other presentation on a topic in biological dentistry.

Why is there a directory of biological dentists?

Our directory exists for one reason: to help you find a biological dentist near you. Only Certified Biological Dentists and other IABDM-certified professionals are listed.

What does it mean to be a biological dental hygienist?

For hygienists, it’s a small study or article, video, or other presentation on a topic in biological dentistry. Our accreditation programs facilitate patient trust through recognition of Certified Biological Dentists, Hygienists, and other dental workers.