How can I promote my school library?


  1. Write an annual library report for your principal.
  2. Contribute to the school newsletter and promote new and useful resources.
  3. Email staff to let them know about new resources.
  4. Create brochures and pamphlets that explain library services.
  5. Create resource guides that link resources to specific curriculum areas.

What skills do school librarians need?


  • Desire to meet and serve the library’s user community.
  • Ability to think analytically and to develop new or revised systems, procedures, and work flow.
  • Ability to exercise initiative and independent judgment.
  • Knowledge of computers, the internet, and commercially available library software.

What does a librarian do in a school club?

Today’s school librarian works with both students and teachers to facilitate access to information in a wide variety of formats, instruct students and teachers how to acquire, evaluate and use information and the technology needed in this process, and introduces children and young adults to literature and other …

What experience do you need to be a school librarian?

New entrants to the profession must have an ALA accredited master’s degree in library science or library and information studies. Some positions also require specialized subject knowledge.

How do I advertise my library?

6 Ways to Promote Your Library

  1. Send Newsletters.
  2. Use Social Media.
  3. Access Local Television, Radio, and Newspaper.
  4. Offer Welcome Packets.
  5. Build a Lifelong Love for the Library.
  6. Help Keep Teens Engaged.

How do you promote library resources?

Promotional tools that can be used by academic libraries to promote their services and resources include: digital media, such as the library’s Website, e-mail lists, blogs and podcasts; print materials, such as posters, handouts and giveaways; events such as orientation tours and workshops; and other tools such as …

Are school librarians in demand?

Employment of librarians and library media specialists is projected to grow 5 percent from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations. Therefore, there will be a need for librarians to manage libraries and help patrons find information.

What does a school librarian do all day?

The day-to-day duties of a school librarian include maintaining collections, organizing materials, and developing index databases. Depending largely on the size of the library, a school librarian might be responsible for managing the entire library, or just one aspect of the library, such as technical services.

Can you be a librarian without a Masters?

Do you need a Master of Library Science to work in a library? Definitely not! There are many jobs you can apply for without one. As you work your way up the administration, many systems may require one.

How do I promote my little free library?

7 Cheap and Creative Ways to Expand your Little Free Library Book-Sharing Box

  1. Storage bins (duh!) are perfect for book overflow.
  2. Use Mini-Shed Libraries to create annexes for kids.
  3. Stack book-sharing boxes on top of each other to get more book storage.

Which is the best listserv for library information?

Two relevant listservs for me are CALIX and calibk12, both of which are California library lists. They are one of the easiest ways to keep up with what is happening in libraries all over California, particularly because it’s physically such a large state.

Why do SOLO Librarians use a listserv?

Here are a few reasons. If you’re a solo librarian or if you’re professionally isolated, it’s an easy way to ask questions to others in your profession. For example, if you’re a school librarian you may not have any other librarians to talk to.

Can you use a listserv for a job interview?

You can use a listserv to prepare for a job interview. For example, if you are preparing for a public library job interview and PUBLIB (one of the major public library listservs) has a lot of posts about how to deal with teens, you may want to prepare for a question about services for teens.

How does an email list work on a listserv?

Users send email to the listserv address and it is broadcast to everyone on the list. Users may choose to receive all messages that are posted to the listserv or they may choose a digest version that collects multiple messages into one large message.