How deep is the deepest part of Kerr Lake?

30 m
Kerr Lake/Max depth

Is Kerr Lake bigger than Lake Gaston?

Lake Gaston is a 20,000-acre artificial lake, roughly 40% the size of Kerr Reservoir just upstream and 450% larger than Roanoke Rapids Lake downstream. Both reservoirs were formed by dams built on the Roanoke River.

Is it safe to swim in Kerr Lake?

Is it safe to swim and boat in Kerr Reservoir? Sample results from the reservoir (for metals) are well below levels of concern for recreational use. However, if a swimmer comes in contact with what appears to be coal ash, health officials recommend thoroughly washing off with soap and water.

Is lake Kerr clean?

Buggs Island lake (know as Kerr in NC) is beautiful, clean and clear.

What is Virginia’s largest lake?

Virginia’s largest lake, John H. Kerr Reservoir / Buggs Island Lake includes more than 50,000 acres of fresh water and over 800 miles shoreline!

What fish are in Lake Kerr Florida?

About Little Lake Kerr Little Lake Kerr is a lake near Palatka. The most popular species caught here are Largemouth bass, Chain pickerel, and Bowfin. 71 catches are logged on Fishbrain.

Is there a good map of Kerr Lake?

More detailed maps are sold by the Navionics Company, and can be a great aid to anyone on the water on Kerr Lake. However, remember the water level changes and so the depths can vary from what’s on those charts. Neither of those resource maps show as many roads and other elements on land as this map.

Where is the Kerr Reservoir in North Carolina?

Kerr Reservoir (East Section) – (Buggs Island Lake), Virginia/North Carolina Waterproof Map (Fishing Hot Spots)

How big are the bass in Kerr Lake?

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries says the lake has one of the best largemouth bass fisheries in the country. Surveys on largemouth bass indicate high rates of reproduction and growth. Largemouth bass in the 2-4 pound range are typical, however, trophy bass greater than eight pounds are rare.

How big is Kerr Lake at Buggs Island?

Kerr Reservoir is over 100 feet deep at the dam with an average depth of about 30 feet. From the outset, the Army Corps of Engineers promised Kerr Lake would be a major recreational attraction. And it has been. In the summer months, boaters and swimmers abound.