How do I check my digi balance via SMS?

Re: Check credit balance To check your prepaid balance, press *126# and press SEND on your phone. You’ll get an IDD message showing how much balance you have on your DiGi prepaid card.

How can I check my Digi Prepaid balance?

To check the usage/transaction, kindly follow the steps below, Ahmad1.

  1. Go to Digi website
  2. Log in with your Connect ID (top, right)
  3. Click on “Usage”
  4. Scroll down to “Itemized Usage”
  5. Plan Usage will appear.
  6. Filter date and transaction (call/SMS/data etc)

How recharge Digi via SMS?

Dial <*123*><16-digit reload number><#> and press SEND/CALL. You will receive a text message notification with your updated balance upon successful reload.

How can I check MyDigi balance online?

Online Payment Go to to view your latest Digi bill statement.

How do I check my prepaid call history?

To get the call history on your prepaid Airtel number, you need to download the official Airtel app from the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone. Now, register for a new account by email id and login to the same. Just click on the call history option and get the call history for up to one year.

How do I get my Digi number?

Re: How to check my Digi prepaid number is under which category. Please dial *128# -> My Account -> Call Plan. You can also download MyDigi app and the details of your plan will show.

What is Digi code?

The Code defines the ethical standards for how we conduct our business and act as responsible, accountable employees and guardians of Digi’s integrity. The Code applies to members of the Board of Directors, managers, and other employees as well as those acting on behalf of Digi.

How to check your Digi mobile data balance?

Check Digi Data Balance. To Check your Internet quota in Prepaid. Dial *200*2#.

How to check credits on your Digi number?

How to check credits on your DiGi number? (Prepaid) For you that is using one of the phone service provider called DiGi in Malaysia. You might sometime questions on how to check remaining balance on your account. And wait…

How to check the balance of my Digicel account?

Check your balance by using your preferred method: 1 Online Web here . 2 Dial *130# – (1tok bundles, Data bundles, Promotional bundles) 3 Dial *120#. 4 MyDigicel App.

How to check your Maxis data balance one click?

How to Check Maxis Data Balance 1 Open your smartphone and dial 2 Hotlink prepaid user go “ *100# “; postpaid user “ *136# “ 3 Next prepaid go to “ 1 “; postpaid go “ 9 ” Done 4 Continue “ 1 “ 5 And “ 1 ” Done