How Do I Install Garageband On Mac?

GarageBand is audio creator software for the iOS device. It is one of the premia and demanded digital audio workstations that are available at a meager price. With it, you can create music from scratch, and many professionals pick it as it is an industrial level program that can create sound effects, soundtracks and many more.

GarageBand for Mac is premium audio creator software that is available for the Mac and MacBook users at a nominal price. Yes, Apple does not charge you a single $ to download it as they always want to attract new customers and hence they have cut their price for this video editor from $1000 per license to $300 per license. You can also download Garageband for windows if you don’t have mac and want to Garageband. So once you download it, how to install GarageBand on Mac is a big question. And we are here with the proper answer.

How Do I Install Garageband On Mac: Step By Step Guide

To install GarageBand on Mac and MacBook, you have to follow some step, but they are extremely easy. Use the latest version of Mac OS X to install this app and the exact steps to install GarageBand is here. But before we move to the steps, first take a look at system requirements.

System Requirements:

  • To run GarageBand at full capacity, you need minimum 4GB of RAM.
  • To run the GarageBand app, your Mac or MacBook requires Core2Duo processor or above processor.
  • The suggested system requirements are Core i3 with any generation of 4GB RAM.
  • Mac OS X is also an essential aspect, and the GarageBand needs GB supports Mavericks edition or above.

So the steps are here.

Step 1: From the application drawer, click on the “launch pad.” It will open the apps installed on the MacBook. It includes all Apple apps also with third-party apps.

Step 2: Now from the sideways scroll down and look for the app store. You can see the app store with a blue icon A written on the icon.

Step 3: Now search for “GarageBand” in the search bar and press enter.

Step 4: Next, click on the result to open it and click on install. Do not forget that you have to fill your details in a specific place and then pay $4.99. After completion of the above step, then only you can download it.

Step 5: As soon as you complete the above step, the MacBook will automatically install the app. Now you can see an option of open.

Step 6: For digital creators and beginners, GarageBand is an excellent music production program. To use this excellent program, you will find many tutorials so try at least once.


So it is all about how to install GarageBand on Mac. Apple always uses a secure way to receive payment. So you do not have to worry about security and credential. So shop with the apple app store and go ahead to try your music. In case of any doubts or question, ask us using the comment section below. Thank you!