How do I renew my bee certificate?

A certificate is only valid for a year and cannot be renewed. Once expired a new application must be filed. Only directors/members of entities are allowed to apply for B-BBEE certificates, no intermediaries or third parties.

What is a valid BEE certificate?

A BEE Certificate is the end product of the B-BBEE verification process listing all critical information such as name, address and registration details of the company assessed, as well as the category, sector code, element scores and points as per the company’s BEE scorecard, and the issue date of the certificate.

How do I get a bee exemption certificate?

The enterprise needs to submit an auditor certificate, or one issued by a verification agency or accounting officer to obtain the BEE EME exempt certificate. You can complete an affidavit, which must be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths to serve as the certificate.

Do government departments have bee certificates?

Is the government enterprise therefore EXEMPT from BEE? We have no certificates on file from government departments, local authorities etc. We do have certificates from SAA, TELKOM, ESKOM, SABC.

Who qualifies for BEE certificate?

Once your sales exceed R10 million or more per year, it no longer defaults as your certificate. Having an annual turnover of R10 million or more, means you have to get a BEE Certificate here.

Is it compulsory to have a BEE certificate?

BEE for small business considers SMEs with an annual turnover of under R10 million as Exempt Micro Enterprises (EMEs). The Official BEE Affidavit serves as your BEE certificate and it is compulsory for your EME to qualify as BEE compliant.

What are the 5 pillars of B-BBEE?

These pillars are:

  • Ownership (Direct Empowerment)
  • Management Control (Indirect Empowerment)
  • Skills Development.
  • Enterprise Development.
  • Socio-Economic Development.

Who qualifies as black for bee?

For the purpose of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE or BEE), it is generally understood that an individual qualifying for this category of assistance has to be African, Coloured or Indian, as well as a South African citizen.

Who is exempt from BEE certification?

BEE Certificates Any Enterprise with an annual Total Revenue of R10 million or less qualifies as an Exempt Micro-Enterprise. Exempt Micro-Enterprises are deemed to have a B-BBEE Status of “Level Four Contributor” having a B-BBEE procurement recognition of 100%

Who can issue a BEE certificate?

Professional accountants or accounting officers may issue these certificates, but they must be sure that the enterprises qualify before doing so, to avoid falling foul of the codes and being seen as undermining the spirit of the BBBEE Act.

What is the difference between BEE and B-BBEE?

BEE refers to the government’s policy, B-BBEE is the implementation of the policy. Both refer to the same strategic framework that seeks to right the wrongs of the past and to distribute the wealth of nation across all races and genders.

Who qualifies as black for BEE?

Is the searchworks web based search application useful?

“Our Company has made use of the SearchWorks Web-based search application since December 2018. This has proven to be a very useful tool in our organization. In using the different search applications, we have had great success with regards to tracing of customers that have bad debt and absconded.

What can I do instead of a B-BBEE certificate?

Customers can complete an Affidavit, signed by an Commissioner of Oaths, and hand it instead of the B-BBEE certificate. Once the Affidavit has been stamped by a Commissioner of Oaths, the Affidavit serves as a B-BBEE certificate as no other verification is required for Exempted Micro Enterprises.

What should be included in the B-BBEE verification manual?

The Verification Manual provides comprehensive and easy-to-follow guidelines on the authentication and substantiation of B-BBEE reporting, as well as the minimum norms and standards on the ethical conduct and procedures to be employed in ensuring the verification of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

When to apply for a Level 2 BEE certificate?

New BEE Amendments Bill of 2012 – Companies with a turnover of R10 million – R50 million If a company has a turnover of more than R10 million and less than R50 million, the company will qualify for either a Level 1 / Level 2 BEE Certificate IF the black ownership is more than 50%