How long do refunds take studio?

It can take 14 days for the returned item(s) to be received back and credited to your account. If you’re a Studio Pay customer then the credit will then show on your next statement. If you usually pay in full at checkout, your item(s) will be refunded to the card you paid with.

How long should online refunds take?

A recent study found that online merchants take their time – days, and sometimes weeks — to refund your money. The study, conducted during the holidays by StellaService, found that dot-coms like,, and typically refunded a purchase within about four days.

How long do weekday refunds take?

Please remember responsibility for the return is yours until the parcel reaches us. You can expect to receive a refund within two weeks of sending it back to us. Once we have processed the return you will receive a return confirmation email. To arrange a collection, contact Weekday Customer Service.

Can you get a refund from studio?

Refunds. We’ll refund the card you paid with within 14 days of the cancellation of your order (either by us or you) or when you return your items. In the event that we cannot refund your card we’ll send you a cheque.

How do I get my money back from studio?

Once you’ve sent your item(s) off for return, it can take up to 14 days for them to be received back and your refund credited to your account. If you want to track this process, simply sign in to Your Account and click on Your Credit & Returns.

Is weekday a good brand?

Weekday received a score of 71-80% on the Fashion Transparency Index. It claims it ensure the fair and equal treatment of all its workers and suppliers by participating in the Fair Living Wages Program as part of the H&M group.

Does weekday send a confirmation email?

WEEKDAY exercises the utmost diligence in accepting and processing orders and will endeavor to deliver your order in accordance with your selected delivery option. Once you have placed your order you will receive an email confirmation with your expected delivery details.