How much does a private school cost in Houston?

Best Houston Private Schools (2021) The average tuition cost is $14,148, which is higher than the Texas private school average tuition cost of $9,955. 53% of private schools in Houston, TX are religiously affiliated (most commonly Roman Catholic and Christian).

How many private schools are in Houston?

50 private schools
The Houston Area Independent Schools (or HAIS) is a non-profit association of more than 50 private schools located in the Houston, Texas area of the United States.

What is the best public school in Houston Texas?

Carnegie Vanguard High School
Ranked by Niche ranking

Rank Company name Niche ranking
1 Carnegie Vanguard High School 1501 Taft Hosuton, TX 77019 713-732-3694 1.0
2 Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professionals 3100 Shenandoah St. Houston, TX 77021 713-741-2410 2.0

What is the cheapest private school in Texas?

Chinquapin Preparatory School
The private school with the lowest tuition cost is Chinquapin Preparatory School, with a tuition of $1,170. The private school with the highest tuition in Texas is San Marcos Academy, with a cost of $41,250.

What is the most expensive private school in Houston?

St. John’s School ranked the best private schools in Houston —these are the top 25 this year.

Ranking School Highest-Grade Tuition
1 St. John’s School $30,515
2 The Kinkaid School $25,000
3 The Awty International School $28,525
4 The John Cooper School $27,960

Are Houston public schools good?

YES! Texas’ top schools are some of the best schools in the country: DeBakey High School for Health Professions, High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, the top-notch Eastwood Academy with 84 percent low-income students, Carnegie Vanguard and Alief’s Kerr High School. …

What is the best elementary school in Houston?

The top school in the Houston-area for 2018 was Fred & Patti Shafer Elementary School, which also ranked in at number 153 when compared to elementary schools throughout Texas. See the top 25 public elementary schools in the Houston-area above.

What are the best schools in Houston TX?

Houston-area colleges and universities offer programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional degree levels. Two of the best postsecondary schools in Houston, Texas, are Rice University and the University of Houston.

What are the best private schools in Texas?

Private colleges found in Texas are among the finest you will find in the country. Top ranked private colleges in Texas include Rice University, Baylor University, Texas Christian University, University of Dallas , Rice University, Southern Methodist University, The Art Institute, and Abilene Christian University.