How much does money order cost Canada Post?

Canada Post Money Order Fee/Cost: The Canada Post charges an amount of $7.50. There is no fee to cash a money order at any post office in Canada. You can pay through debit card or directly by cash. Credit Cards are not allowed to make any payment.

How do I send a money order in Canada?

Send certified cashable money orders at the post office No bank account, no problem. Postal Money Orders are certified cashable documents that you send through the mail. You can use them to make payments or purchases in Canada.

How much does it cost for a money order?

Money Order Fees

Dollar Amount Fee
$0.01 to $500.00 $1.30
$500.01 to $1,000.00 $1.75
Postal Military Money Orders (issued by military facilities) $0.45

How much does a 1000 money order cost?

USPS Money Order pricing works as follows: $1.25 for $0.01-$500. $1.75 for $500.01-$1,000.

Does a Canada Post money order expire?

Any information given is greatly appreciated. I think it is a year. I have to go down to our post office tomorrow to pick up a parcel if you don’t have an answer by then I’ll ask. Generally, Canadian cheques (and I’d assume this would include postal orders) are valid for 12 months from date of cheque.

How much does a money order cost at TD bank?

The maximum amount allowed on a TD Bank money order is $1,000.00. Money orders are available only to TD Bank customers, and are subject to a fee….Popular Questions.


How long is a money order valid in Canada?

six months
Stale-dated Government of Canada cheques, money orders and bank drafts do not ‘stale-date’. Cheques issued by provincial governments are treated as regular cheques and may be considered stale after six months.

Can a money order be sent electronically?

You can’t send a cashier’s check or money order across the internet, but you can order a cashier’s check online from some banks to be physically mailed to someone.

What bank gives free money orders?

The majority of banks tend to charge more than most retail stores. Select bank checking accounts that offer money orders for free. Chase Bank offers free money orders on very select checking account plans such as the Chase Premier Plus. Some banks will sell and even buy money orders for non-bank customers.

What is the money order limit at Walmart?

The fees for purchasing a money order at Walmart are generally $1 or less. But fees do depend on location, so check with your nearest Walmart to know for certain. Walmart can issue individual money orders for up to $1,000. If you need to send more than $1,000, you will have to purchase multiple money orders.

Can YOU Cash USPS postal money order in Canada?

A U.S. money order cashed in Canada will be converted into Canadian currency at the current exchange rate . An international money order can be cashed at Canada Post locations. Purchase an international money order from the U.S. Postal Service. It must be purchased in person and paid for at the time of receipt.

How do I cash this Canadian money order?

Take your money order to a Canada Post office, and cash the entire value without fees. Provide proof of identification (photo driver’s license, passport or other form of government approved identification) and endorse the money order with your signature as you would a check.

Where can you get an USPS money order in Canada?

A holder of a USPS issued international postal money order who does not cash it before the effective date can redeem it at a U.S. Post Office facility at face value. A customer wishing to cash a Canada Post issued money order at a USPS facility after Aug. 30, 2019 , will be unable to do so, and is advised to return the money order to the sender.

How do you verify a postal money order?

Contact the U.S. Post Office Money Order Verification System at 1-866-459-7822 to verify the authenticity of any U.S. Postal money order.