How much line do you need behind a planer?

You don’t need to go more than 100′ off the planer lines unless you just like reeling and it helps keep tangles to a minimum too.

What is planer board line?

Planer board line is made of high visibility fluorescent orange braided dacron line. Dacron planer board line is low stretch, abrasion resistant and resists water absorption.

Are planer boards necessary?

Planer boards, for a lack of a general definition, are simply tools to get your fishing line away from the boat. If you’re trolling long flats that run for miles, planer boards are a necessity for the amount of extra ground they cover.

How deep do planers run?

PLANEr DEPTH Planers will run at a 45 degree angle and achieve approximately one foot of depth for each two feet of planer line when used with ap- propriate line. There is a point where a planer reaches its optimum depth. For example, 50 ft. of planer line will probably result in a planing depth of 25 ft.

How deep do planer boards go?

Considerations to depth: When you go fishing, you always want to consider the depth that you will be fishing at. Fishing with a planer board will be no different. With a planer board, you will usually want to fish in depths between 30 feet and less.

Where is Amish Outfitters located?

Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company in Litchfield, Ohio.

How much line should you let out when trolling?

To get the lure back to its intended depth, you’ll have to let out another 25 feet of line.

How deep does a number 4 planer go?

Of course, it’s rare that you’ll be going exactly 5 mph, using exactly 5 ounces, and letting out exactly 50 feet of line. Planers have a simple, innovative design that uses water pressure to drive the baits deep….How deep does a number 2 planer go?

ITEM SIZE Approx. depth
SSP1 1 5-12 feet
SSP2 2 10-20 feet
SSP3 3 12-25 feet
SSP4 4 15-30 feet

When do you release in line planer board?

In short, rigging an in-line planer board to release when a fish is hooked or just to switch out lures is the best option when fishing multiple lines per side of the boat. The line releases needed to rig for monofilament and braided lines are different, but the end result is the same.

Which is the best inline planer board to buy?

Off Shore Tackle’s In-Line Side Planer Boards are the most popular inline planer board on the market today. These boards have proven they can withstand extended use in choppy waters and perform well on the calmest days.

What’s the best way to fish with Planer boards?

By spreading your lines out you are able to target a specific depth with each line, generally the highest running lines on the outsides and the deepest on the insides closest to the boat. Now that you have a little background on what they are and how they function, here’s how to fish with them.

How many planer boards do you need to troll in Wisconsin?

Here in Wisconsin, we are allowed to fish 3 lines per person, which means 3 trolling lines. So, with 2 people, we would have 6 lines in the water. As you can imagine, 6 lines piled up behind a boat is a disaster waiting to happen. Planer boards eliminate this twisted, knotted, snagged nightmare by spreading the lines out to each side of the boat.