How much power can M52B28 handle?

BMW M52B28 engine modifications and differences 1. M52B28 (1995 – 2000) is a basic engine modification. Specifications are as follows: compression ratio – 10.2, power – 193 HP at 5,300 rpm, 280 Nm of torque at 3,950 rpm.

How much power can a BMW M52 handle?

You will absolutely be able to reach 450 rwhp on stock M52 internals.

Are M52 engines good?

BMW M52 Reliability Before digging into specific engine problems, lets talk overall reliability. The newest M52 is at least 20 years old now, and the oldest are considered classics. With that being said, if you are planning on buying one of these, it is likely high mileage.

What bmw has M52?

The BMW M52 is a straight-6 DOHC petrol engine which was produced from 1994–2000. It was released in the E36 320i, to replace the M50. The BMW S52 engine is a high performance variant of the M52 which powered the American and Canadian market E36 M3 from 1996–1999….S52.

BMW S52 engine
Successor BMW S54

How much power can an m50 hold?

It could probably withstand a 150 shot and about 1200 HP, easy.

Is the M50 or M52 better?

The M50 block is stronger due to it being steel, the M52 is Aluminium and if it overheats a couple of time you’re screwed. The M50 is near on bulletproof it can take up to 500hp on standard internals.

Is the BMW M50 a good engine?

Much like its successor, the M52, the M50 engine is considered to be bulletproof. With very strong internals, the engine blocks are able to deliver outstanding longevity with proper maintenance and care. Still to this day, the M50 is known as one of the most reliable BMW engines ever built.

Is the M50 reliable?

How much horsepower does a m52b25 2.8 Stroker have?

If you want your M52B25 2.8 Stroker show great performance, you need to purchase M50B25 intake manifold along with S52 camshafts and exhaust system or performance cat-back exhaust. When the tuning is completed, you will get maximum pleasure from your new engine. It will have up to 260 HP.

Is there a way to stroke a BMW M52?

Also there are other ways to stroke a M52 that don’t involve cannibalizing a rare engine. If you want a 3.3 or 3.5L stroke and have the cash, VAC sells a stroker kit for your engine. It cost slightly more than a high quality turbo kit and makes less power, but if you want high NA power gains it is pretty much your best/only option.

Can a m54b33 Stroker work with a BMW Stroker?

In theory all you would need to do to get your block to work with the M54b33 is bore it to 86.4mm. It looks like that is the only thing Alpina did to the block its self, but without taking a M54b33 apart only Alpina knows.

What’s the difference between a BMW M52 and M52B28?

BMW M52B25 engine belongs to a new M52 series which also includes M52B20, M52B24, M52B28 and S52B32. It was firstly introduced in 1995 as an alternative to 2.5-liter M50B25 engine. The main difference between M52B25 and M52B28 is the fact that they have different crankshafts with lower stroke pistons and connecting rods.