Is Houbara Bustard endangered in Pakistan?

The Asian houbara bustard, also known as MacQueen’s bustard (Chlamydotis macqueenii), is a vulnerable species and its hunting is banned in Pakistan, but an exception is made for Arab royals who are allowed to do so via special permits.

How do human activities threaten endangered population of Houbara Bustard?

Habitat loss and destruction because of agriculture development, power lines and road construction, military activities, overgrazing, mine prospecting, over hunting including poaching, live catching and smuggling, and gathering of eggs, diseases, and the introduction and presence of alien predators in Houbara habitats …

What is so significant about the Houbara bird?

Arab princes and their wealthy friends like to hunt Houbara bustards both as a sport and because the meat is considered an aphrodisiac. The birds migrate in the thousands from Central Asia to Pakistan every winter – giving the Pakistani elite a chance to engage in “soft diplomacy”.

What is Houbara hunting?

Vast swathes of land in Pakistan are allocated in blocks to wealthy dignitaries from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, who arrive in the country to hunt the birds every year using hunting gear and falcons. They kill the bird for sport and also because its meat is supposed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

Is Houbara Bustard a bird?

The Houbara Bustard is a shy bird and rarely uses its voice. Houbara bustard eggs are ‘camouflaged’ with shades that match desert nests to protect them from attack by predators. Houbara Bustards spend most of their time on the ground searching for food (typically seeds, insects and small creatures.

How many Houbara Bustard are left in the world?

The patterns are obvious, these birds are losing habitat and suffering from poaching and unregulated hunting. The Asian Houbara population is estimated at something between 33,000 – 67,000, although making such estimates is far from easy since it inhabits breeding grounds in remote and often inaccessible areas.

How many Houbara Bustard are there?

“The overall estimated population of houbara (bustard) in Punjab was 6,223, 6,759 and 5,302 individuals during December 2017, December 2018 and December 2019 surveys, respectively, suggesting a decrease in the population of houbara in Punjab province over the years,” says the second supplemental report of the …

Can Houbara Bustard fly?

Within a month the growth of feathers allow the Houbara chicks to fly short distances, however they remain close to their mother for the first couple of months before they become juvenile and capable of surviving on their own.

What does the Houbara Bustard eat?

The bird spends most of its time on the ground foraging for food. It is an omnivorous bird with a diet consisting of plants, seeds, insects, spiders, small rodents, and lizards.

What do Houbara bustards eat?

In which areas Houbara Bustard is found?

Houbara Bustard Population of Pakistan Breeding populations are found in the remote areas of Baluchistan province including Nag Valley, Chagai, Panjgan and Kharan (6). These birds migrate to Sindh and Punjab to spend their winter.

How many houbara bustard can you hunt in Pakistan?

Despite the hunting ban, the government issues between 25 and 35 special permits annually to wealthy sheikhs, allowing them to hunt the bird in its winter habitat. The hunts are secretive, but controversial. The hunting parties are given a limit of 100 birds in a maximum 10-day period, but often exceed their quota.

Is the bustard a subspecies of the houbara?

MacQueen’s bustard was long regarded a subspecies of the African houbara. It was classified as a distinct species in 2003. The Canarian houbara is the subspecies Chlamydotis undulata fuertaventurae. The dividing line between the two Chlamydotis species is the Sinai peninsula.

What kind of bird is killed in Pakistan?

Activists in the country say they are determined to end the annual killing of houbara bustards, an elusive bird that migrates each winter from central Asia to Pakistan’s warmer climes.

How many houbara bustard can you kill in a day?

The hunting parties are given a limit of 100 birds in a maximum 10-day period, but often exceed their quota. In 2014, the leaking of an official report that a Saudi prince had killed more than 2,000 birds in a 21-day hunting safari sparked an outcry.