Is there a riders manual for the R1150GSA?

So when I bought my used R1150GSA a few months ago I spent ages looking for a copy of the rider’s manual (to figure out what the hell R stood for on the ignition), and there were various threads here pointing to now dead links, and plenty of google results that claimed to be the rider manual but was in fact the service manual named incorrectly.

How long is the BMW 1150 owners manual?

Bearing in mind that the 1150 is long out of production i can’t see a problem, but i’m not a lawyer. Click to expand… If it is the BMW Owners manual only sure. If it is the BMW service manual, it is copywrited. The R1150GS repair manual is over 300 pages long.

When did the BMW your 1150 GS come out?

Early 2001 BMW R1150 GSOriginal owner- purchased new 11/2000*Odometer has been replaced-actual milage is 177,000+2000clutch replaced around 125,000 mi… 2001 BMW R 1150 GS, Definitely our highest-mileage trade-in, but when it’s a GS, the mileage isn’t a serious issue.

Is the are 1150 GS adventure in good condition?

THIS BIKE IS IN GREAT SHAPE FOR GENERATION!! SERVICED AND NEWER TIRES INSTALLED BY PREVI… The bike is in beautiful condition — less than 5,500 miles.This bike was used for escorts / parades.If you aren’t familiar with the P (Police) models… Beautiful condition, one owner, low mileage (8350 miles).New tires, oil and filter, checked over.

How long is the repair manual on a BMW R1150GS?

If it is the BMW service manual, it is copywrited. The R1150GS repair manual is over 300 pages long. I don’t think it will fit under a saddle.

What kind of engine does a BMW R1150GS have?

Introduced the Paralever wishbone front end. 1999: BMW R1150GS released. BMW R850GS: 848cc, 70bhp – essentially a BMW R1150GS with the BMW R850R’s motor. BMW R1150GS ABS: Identical to the BMW R1150GS, but with switchable ABS. 6 owners have reviewed their BMW R1150GS (1999-2005) and rated it in a number of areas.

What does BMW R1150GS Adventure special edition look like?

I know the cartoon character headlights with one eye wide and the other squinted, beak front fender, and gangly enduro styling give the bike an ungainly and odd appearance – fans call it unconventional.