Patent Savers – Will a US Patent Protect me Globally

Will a US Patent Protect me Globally

Do you have the perfect idea? If so, you will want to protect your idea with a patent.

But does a United States patent protect you globally?

The short answer is no. But let’s take a look at patents a little more.

If you are thinking of getting a patent, the first thing to do is to consult with a patent lawyer in Scottsdale to learn more about your options and patents in general.

Patents happen to be a very complicated form of intellectual property. It really isn’t a good idea to try and tackle the patent application without the advice and guidance of a knowledgeable patent attorney.

What is a Patent?

Let’s explore what a patent actually is.

A patent is granted to the inventor of an idea by the United State Patents and Trademark Office. A patent grants an inventor the property right to the invention. This gives the inventor exclusive rights to prevent others from making, selling or using the product without permission. However, a patent can be bought, sold or licensed.

How Does a US Patent Work Globally?

Like we said before, it doesn’t. A United States patent only protects your idea in the United States.

To protect your idea globally, you will need to apply for a patent in each country or through each regional patent office.

Almost every country has its own patent law, just like the United States. This means you must fill out the patent application is each desired country for protection on your invention. This also means you must be in accordance with the requirements of that country.

Since there are so many different countries that offer their own patent law, you need to choose wisely. Of course, if you are one that tends to travel all over the world and are looking to spread your invention globally, you will want to consider applying for patents in countries that will benefit you.