Tips and trick to capture Instagram worthy fashion photos

Capturing good Instagram worthy fashion photos with your phone is harder than it looks! Taking a great beauty shot is not as simple as a professional makes it. No matter from which industry you belong here, I explore various professional secrets and techniques to gain traffic on your page.

Tips and tricks to capture Instagram worthy fashion photos

Here are some tips and tricks to create a fantastic Instagram feed that makes people wow.

Take a lot of pictures.

It is rare to get a perfect picture at the first chance, so try to make multiples. Take at least 5 to 6 photos, and you will likely notice one or two are already better than the rest. Pick the best and favorite and start from them.

Do not use the Instagram app to capture pics.

It does not have the same effect as your phone camera has. Your camera photos are allowed to edit and compose in a better way. Other apps like Rookie, VSCO will enable you to set light effects on your photos.

It is advised to take an initial picture and play with that one. You can do many things with that like balance light effects create depths and many more.

Compose by yourself

Don’t put the picture in the middle, which creates a listless image with no sense of energy. If you are creating a portrait, then place the subject of focus in the middle.

Try to hold your phone horizontally while taking the picture because this allows some space, which will help you to crop later.

Edit everything but don’t over-edit

Humans are not alone in the frame. Touch up tools can create a more consistent and professional look. You can also use filters to create your desired image.

If you over-edit the image, it creates a fake look, inauthentic, and focused on the wrong things.

Use natural light

We spend our days in poorly lit offices and homes. We are used to it. But cameras used in modern technology would love to use natural light.

I always plan to take photos in the morning and dusk. Or prepare to shoot when fluffy clumsy clouds partially block the sunlight. This produces a very eye-catching view for the viewers. 

Incorporate a background

Backgrounds rarely focus on the image, but sometimes backgrounds add a logical extension of the item you are capturing. Here is a tip if the matter of subject is colorful, then introduce a less intricate background. This enhances your matter of the topic which you want to show.





Which complement your matter of subject well. Always think about your theme to enhance your message.

Make it active

Find ways to add motion to your picture. You will need a fast shutter speed for this action. This feature is present in your smartphones, and you can use them.

Try  different angles

If you have a product which is not exciting and people feel bored, then look at the SIMPLE insta stories always hits.

You can make it attractive by changing your angle. How you capture the image is as important as your matter of subject. Try to capture photos from the leader that is down under the object.

Go waterproof

Along with the night photography, try to capture in the water. For this purpose, purchase a waterproof camera or lens which allows you to capture angles that few people ever see.

You will go to any height to grasp consumer attention.

Whether you are a small business honor or new in this field, these tips and tricks help you to drive traffic on your page. These tips engage your traffic on your page and help you meet your goals.