Was there a Paul in S Club 7?

Paul Gerald Cattermole (born 7 March 1977) is an English singer. Cattermole was a member of the group S Club 7, but left the group in 2002.

Who is Hannah from S Club 7 married to?

In December 2020, Spearritt announced the birth of her second child, a girl, both with her boyfriend Adam Thomas. Spearritt is the niece of Eddie Spearritt, who played professional football in the then-top level of the English football league system.

What does S in S Club 7 stand for?

Several members of the group have since stated that the “S” in S Club 7 stands for Simon, after the group’s creator, although the official line has always been ambiguous. The group’s entry on the Popjustice website states that at one point they were nearly called “Sugar Club” instead of the name that stuck.

How old is Hannah S club7?

40 years (April 1, 1981)
Hannah Spearritt/Age

Are Hannah and Paul from S Club together?

S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole has revealed his romance with former bandmate Hannah Spearritt was ‘contractually forced’ by TV bosses. Speaking to the Guardian’s G2, Paul said he felt “forced” and that the relationship “did not happen organically”.

Who are the members of Paul leaves Club 7?

Bradley McIntosh, Paul Cattermole and Jon Lee were found carrying the drug in London’s West End. They later apologised for the incident to their fans, saying they had been “stupid”. The four other members of the band are Hannah Spearritt, Jo O’Meara, Rachel Stevens and Tina Barrett.

When did Paul Cattermole leave S Club 7?

Paul Cattermole. Paul Gerald Cattermole (born 7 March 1977) is an English singer and actor. Cattermole was a member of the group S Club 7, but left the group in 2002. Between 2008 and 2015 he also was member of spin-off group S Club 3.

Who is leaving the band’s Club 7?

S Club 7 star Paul Cattermole, who has announced he is quitting the band, is to join a heavy metal rock group. The band will continue as a six-piece under the name S Club, and Cattermole will remain with them to work on their fourth TV series. He will also perform at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace in June.

Who is the oldest member of S Club 7?

Aged 25, Cattermole is the oldest member of the group, and is currently dating S Club’s Hannah Spearitt. In January, the band denied claims they were set to split, issuing a statement that there was “no truth in the rumour”. They released their first single, Bring It All Back, in June 1999, and it went straight to number one.