What are Chevy 63 springs?

The 63″ long Chevy springs give you added flex and a softer ride and can be very affordable. Once you find leaf springs (see the FAQ section below), you will need this kit to install them because the Chevy spring is 2.5″ wide compared to the approximate 2.25″ width of the Toyota leaf.

Are general springs any good?

Practically zero sag in 26 months and truck handles corners & speed bumps better than stock. If you’re considering any kind of a lift AND/or doing any regular hauling/towing, then the HD springs are a great place to start.

What is double shackle?

The double shackle is made of heavy duty steel and is designed to last for years to come and will not rust, corrode or rust. This is a great choice for a wide range of applications, such as automotive, marine, truck, motorcycle, atv, snowmobile and recreational vehicles, trailers and more.

How do I know if my leaf springs need to be replaced?

Common signs of leaf springs needing to be replaced include the presence of cracks and fractures, or a change in the way your vehicle drives. You may also notice your vehicle leans to one side when there is no load present.

How do I know if my leaf springs are overloaded?

If a truck gets overloaded beyond its capacity, the leaf spring will flatten out, reducing the height of the truck….Other tell-tale signs of worn-out leaf springs include:

  1. Uneven tire wear.
  2. Frequent bottoming out.
  3. A bumpier, less comfortable ride.
  4. Leaning to one side.

Are shackle lifts safe?

In fact, placing a new shackle on a truck will only increase the lift by half the height of the shackle! So if you install a 3 inch shackle, it will only raise the vehicle 1 ½ inches. A bad shackle angle can cause wear and tear that will reduce a suspension’s lifespan.

Are longer leaf springs better?

The biggest advantage to long springs is better ride. They support load just as well long or short, but the bump dynamics are better with longer springs. In general, longer springs have a lower deflection rate which helps to absorb bumps better.

Are Tacoma leaf springs supposed to be flat?

Flat springs are normal.

What is the use of comfort shackle?

These shackles allow free movement of the axle in a vertical manner, netting a more comfortable ride. The articulation it gains comes close to, if not exceeding, what you get out of a coil conversion.

How do revolver shackles work?

The Revolvers expand when the axle droops providing more flex. The shackles are also able to twist with the leaf spring. These shackles called “The Revolver” have super-flex charactoristics. The Revolvers operate by expanding when the axle starts to droop providing excellent articulation.

How big are the springs on a Chevy 63?

All of these springs measure 64” from eye center to eye center along the arch. The spring pin is centered. There may be some variance which will depend on the amount of arch the spring has, but the spring will generally measure 63” in a straight line from eye center to eye center. The late model springs have one leaf less than the early models.

Is there a Chevy 63 leaf spring swap?

The Chevy 63 Swap is for you! I am not responsible for you ruining your truck. Go into this project with caution, it’s not a small endeavor, especially not for someone without a lot of experience. This process involves removing *ALL* of your factory rear suspension components.

Can you get a cheap lift on a Chevy 63?

Not only that, but they can still carry a load. Super Cheap Lift – Even if you buy the most expensive chevy 63 kit and 2 new leaf springs, you’ll still have super-flexy rear lift for less cash than a conventional aftermarket lift kit. It only gets cheaper if you can fab your own parts and have a big parts pile.

Is there a spring swap kit for a Chevy truck?

The Original since 1998, Sky’s Toyota rear 63″ Chevy spring swap kit can save you hours of fabrication time. It is designed to use the 2.5” wide domestic spring (3” over all with bushings) 63” Chevy spring found in 1988-2010+ GMC/Chevy trucks. This kit can be used to hang other similar springs. Ford Ranger and F150 spring swaps are also common.