What are Sami values?

Results: From the 19 values, Sami respondents held the following five personal values in the highest regard: being in touch with nature; harnessing nature through fishing, hunting and berry-picking; preserving ancestral and family traditions; preserving traditional Sami industries and preserving and developing the Sami …

What are the Sami best known for?

reindeer herding
4) The Sámi are best known for reindeer herding. Reindeer meat is used for cooking, leather and fur is used to make shoes and clothing, and antlers and bones make useful tools and decorative objects. The Sámi are also skilled fishers and sheep herders.

What is the Sami lifestyle?

Reindeer herding, fishing, hunting and small- scale farming are generally considered to be part of a traditional Sami lifestyle (3). A traditional diet is described as being high in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates, with reindeer and wild game as main sources of animal protein (4).

What clothes do the Sami people wear?

The traditional Sami clothing is called gákti, which in past times was made from reindeer leather and sinews, but is now more commonly made from wool, cotton, or silk. Women’s gákti typically consist of a dress, a fringed shawl and boots/shoes made of reindeer fur or leather.

How do I know if I’m Sami?

To find out if you have Sami heritage, use traditional genealogy resources such as local records to find proof of a family link back to Scandinavian records of families with known Sami heritage. A DNA test can also help discover a familial Sami heritage.

Who are Sami in Vikings?

Trivia. Ethnic Sami are referred to a Finns in the Norse sagas. They are traditionally nomads in the mountainous and forested interior of upper Scandinavia who herd reindeer.

What do Sami men wear?

The traditional Sami clothing has mainly bright colors: yellow, green, red and blue, and is decorated with colored bands, braids and stitching. The clothing often has a high neckline. Both men and women wear a Gákti. For the men, the Gákti is a tunic with a belt around their waist.

What language is YOIK?

Yoik is the native Sami musical expression, sharing features with other indigenous music. The essential parts of yoik are melody and rhythm, though there could be words, gestures and facial expressions. A Sami could yoik other Sami, animals or nature itself.