What are the features of the Hatsan at44s-10 quiet energy rifle?

Elevation and fit angle adjustable rubber butt pad. Receiver milled for both 22mm and 11mm optic mounts. Quattro Trigger: 2-stage adjustable match trigger. Detachable 180cc air cylinder with Easy Read pressure gauge. Comes with two (2) detachable rotary magazines and quick-fill adapter.

Is the AT44 S10 a pneumatic air rifle?

If you love guns with synthetic stocks then the AT44-S10 PCP .25 caliber air rifle is what your looking for. PCP or Pre Charged Pneumatic uses high presure air to propel the pellet. You can get 60 shots per fill with this PCP, which will give you more time for shooting and less time hassling with cocking a break barrel rilfe.

What kind of stock does a Hatsan air rifle use?

Side lever action, multi-shot, PCP (Recharged Pneumatic) air rifle. Advanced polymer ambidextrous stock with Monte Carlo cheek rest. Quiet Energy fully shrouded barrel with integrated sound moderator reduces shot noise by up to 50%!

What’s the size of a Hatsan pest control pellet?

The .25 cal version is what you need if you are going to use it for pest control. The pellet size is much larger than .177 or .22 cal and will deliever more knock down power. This 2-stage, fully adjustable match trigger is only available from Hatsan. An easy adjustment of elevation and fit angle for proper fit and added comfort.

Is the Hatsan 25 cal rifle a good shooter?

I have several Hatsans and must say they are well designed, tight shooters. The 25 cal hits like large hammer and although somewhat quieter is not quite neighborhood friendly. In this day of paranoia people are a bit jumpy so they are watching and listening for every retort different from the average.

How many rounds through the Hatsan Optima scope?

With no sights and no scope yet, i nailed a squirrel 40′ up a tree using the dove tail scope mount as a sight since it is perfectly in line with the barrel. After receiving my hatsan optima scope i have put about 300 rounds through it for a break in period.