What do crested gecko eggs look like before hatching?

The eggs are usually soft at first, and it gets hard after the first few days that it is laid. During the incubation period, some eggs can grow bigger, and you will notice some sweat or dent before it starts hatching. A crested gecko egg is usually small and flexible.

What temperature should you incubate crested gecko eggs?

At Gorgeous Gecko, we incubate crested gecko eggs at room temperature, which fluctuates between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit at the height of the breeding season. This temperature range will result in hatchlings emerging after 60 to 70 days during the warmer months, or up to 120 days as the days grow cooler.

How long does it take to incubate crested gecko eggs?

The Wait — Incubation Temps The hardest part of breeding crested geckos is waiting for the eggs to hatch. It’s best to “cook” your eggs low and slow, or rather, incubate them around 68–70 degrees and wait 90–120 days for them to hatch.

How do I know if my crested gecko egg is infertile?

How to tell if crested gecko’s eggs are fertile or infertile? Sometimes her eggs might be infertile, and will not survive. You will usually identify infertile eggs by its color and texture – they become yellow, look ‘dried out’ and start molding when you incubate them. Fertile/viable eggs should be white and solid.

Why is my crested gecko not laying eggs?

Crested geckos can also lay infertile eggs, if she hasn’t mated with a male. If you are a breeder, don’t force your female crested gecko to lay more than 7-8 clutches per year. Producing, carrying and laying eggs uses too much of her calcium storage, even if she is being fed a good supplemented diet.

How do you know if crested gecko eggs are fertile?

Hold the egg in front of it and look for a red ring that can encompass 1/4-1/3 of the top of the egg. If the egg is yellow all the way through with no red spots, veining or ring then chances are it isn’t fertile. But incubate it a week and check it again because sometimes it takes a little time to develop.

Why is my crested gecko laying infertile eggs?

How many eggs does a crested gecko lay?

During a breeding season, female crested geckos will lay a clutch of two eggs every 30 to 45 days. When a gravid female is ready to deposit eggs, she will seek out a moist place in which to do so.

How do I breed crested geckos?

How to Breed Crested Geckos – Step by Step Introduce your cresties. If your geckos are healthy and the season has started, put your female and male geckos in the same enclosure. Wait for them to breed. Now they are in the same enclosure, it is time for you to step back and let them get to know each Egg time! Incubation. Baby Crested Geckos!

Can a crested gecko and a gargoyle gecko breed?

Crested and Gargoyle geckos can be breed year round but keep in mind that temps and light cycles are really important for a female to know when to start and stop producing eggs. If you live in an area that gets super cold in the off season and you can not regulate temperature, then you are better off just waiting for it to get warmer.