What is the female version of Sean?

Seán is the source for English versions such as Shaun, Shawn and Shon. Séan reflects the Ulster pronunciation and is anglicized Shane, Shaine or Shayne….Sean.

Related names Eoin, John Female version: Shawna, Shauna, Seána, Shonna, Seanna, Siobhán, Sinéad

Can Shaun be a girl’s name?

The name Shaun is a girl’s name. Shaun might be thought of by some as a more feminine spelling of Sean, but in fact in the most recent year counted there were only six baby girls called Shaun and five called Sean, which makes this a no longer a unisex name by any reckoning.

Is Sean a girl name in Ireland?

Listen and learn how to pronounce Shauna so you can get the correct pronunciation for this Irish girl name. MEANING: The feminine form of Sean. It is currently a very popular name in Ireland. …

Is Sean a unisex name?

The name Sean is a girl’s name meaning “God is gracious”. So while this name has been long used for girls, it remains in only occasional use as a feminine name and is not truly unisex in the way that names such as Rory and River are.

Is Shaun the Sheep male or female?

A couple of sheep in human-female drag are essential to the plot of this kids’ flick… whose central characters — human and farm animal alike — are all male. No.

What is Shawn a nickname for?

Nickname – Shawn Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Shawn – Shawnie, Shawny, Muffin, Shawny boi, Benito, shawn shawn.

Is Shaun a unisex name?

Shaun is a masculine given name, an anglicized spelling of the Irish name Seán. Alternative spellings include Shawn, Sean and Shawne.

How do you spell Shauna in Irish?

Shauna (Irish: Seána) is an Irish female given name. It is the female version of the male names Shawn or Sean, both of which are in turn derived from John….Shauna.

Region of origin Ireland
Other names
Alternative spelling Seána, Shaunagh, Shonagh
Nickname(s) Shaunie, ShaSha, Una

Is Sean a good name?

Americans adopted the name Sean in the early 1940’s and it swiftly entered the Top 100 list of most favored boys’ names in 1965. For over 30 years, Sean was a Top 50 pick during the latter half of the 20th century, but started to fall in popularity by 2000.

Sean is a good name. It I think should be spelled (Shawn) but I have a little brother with this name, he spells it (Sean) so that is how I think of it. I think it is nice because Sean’s are always unpredictable people – in a good way. –

Is ‘Sam’ a girl name or a boy name?

Sam as a girls’ name (also used more widely as boys’ name Sam). Sam means “God heard”. Sam is a variant form of Samantha (English, Hebrew): feminine of Samuel.

Is Ashley a popular girl name?

Ashley became more popular as a girls name in 1964. The popularity trend for Ashley has been spiralling downward for a while. In recent years, continuing the trend, the number of babies given the name Ashley has dropped.