What is the Spanish dance in The Nutcracker called?


Scene No. English title
Tableau III 12 a. Chocolate (Spanish Dance)
b. Coffee (Arabian Dance)
c. Tea (Chinese Dance)
d. Trepak (Russian Dance)

What songs are played in The Nutcracker?

Act 1

  • Track 1 – Miniature Overture.
  • Track 2 – The Decoration of the Christmas Tree.
  • Track 3 – March.
  • Track 4 – Children’s Galop and Entry of the Parents.
  • Track 5 – Arrival of Drosselmeyer.
  • Track 6 – Grandfather’s Dance.
  • Track 7 – Clara and the Nutcracker.
  • Track 8 – The Battle.

Who dances the pas de deux in The Nutcracker?

the Sugarplum Fairy
THE PAS DE DEUX The big Act II pas de deux has to be danced by the Sugarplum Fairy and her cavalier.

Why is The Nutcracker performed at Christmas?

These regal little soldiers are nutcrackers, and they’ve become an iconic symbol of the Christmas season. According to German folklore, nutcrackers were given as keepsakes to bring good luck to families and protect the home. The Nutcracker Ballet has become an iconic Christmas tradition.

Does Clara dance in the Nutcracker?

CHILD’S PLAY Clara — sometimes called Marie, as in Hoffmann’s original story and in George Balanchine’s version — should be played by a little girl; Drosselmeyer’s nephew (who later becomes the Nutcracker and then little prince) by a little boy. Their only dancing occurs at the opening Christmas party.

What was the Spanish dance in the Nutcracker?

Tune of the Day: Spanish Dance. from “The Nutcracker” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. This is one of the characteristic dances that show up in the second act of The Nutcracker, when Clara and the Prince arrive at the Kingdom of Sweets, ruled by the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Who was the author of the Nutcracker ballet?

The ballet was inspired by “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King,” published in 1815 by the German author E.T.A. Hoffmann. Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71,” as the complete score is known, consists of eight movements, including the memorable dance of the ​ Sugar Plum Fairy and the march of the Wooden Soldiers.

What are the dances in the Nutcracker Suite?

Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite begins with an ‘Overture’ and ‘March’ before moving into dances from Act 2 of the ballet, which is set in the Land of Sweets.

What did Petipa tell Tchaikovsky about the Nutcracker?

Petipa instructed Tchaikovsky down to the last detail, including the tempo and the number of bars in each section. The Nutcracker, a fairy tale ballet in two acts, is centered around a young girl’s Christmas Eve celebration and romantic awakening.