What kind of tents do you get from Rei?

Fans and heaters: If you really want to glamp it up, you can get climate control products that are specifically designed for the confined sleeping space of a tent. REI carries top brands like Big Agnes, MSR, REI Co-op and NEMO. We also offer skills articles, care and repair articles and checklists to help you get ready to camp.

Which is better a cabin tent or a dome tent?

Shape: Rectangular floor plans offer more usable space than circular floors (such as in dome tents). Cabin-shaped tents also offer more wall-to-wall headroom than a dome. When a tent is designated as 2-, 3- or 4-season, that simply hints at how sturdy it is and how sealed up it can be.

Which is the best camping tent for a family?

It goes up in 2 minutes, pleasing harried parents for whom convenience is king. The Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin is bulkier when bagged and smaller when standing than our favorite family car-camping tent, the Eureka Copper Canyon LX. It also has smaller windows and fewer pockets, and it lacks a mesh roof for stargazing.

What kind of tent does Kit Dillon Live in?

For seven months, one co-writer of this guide, Kit Dillon, lived in the 2013 model of the REI Base Camp 6. Photo: Kit Dillon More relevant to this guide, perhaps, is the seven-month stint Kit spent living in a tent in Hawaii.

What kind of tent is best for ultralight hiking?

Non-freestanding tents: (or “trekking pole tents”) Growing in popularity are trekking pole tents that strive to be super-ultralight by ditching the poles in the tent. These assume you will be carrying trekking poles on your backpacking trip. Not a problem for most hikers, but worth considering. The trekking poles are used to support the tent body.

Are there any Glamping tents still in stock?

A note on availability: Due to increased demand, some of these products may fluctuate between in and out of stock. We will be frequently checking and refreshing the links to these products as they become available again. Grab your glamping martini glass and settle in for a while.

How tall is the top of a glamping tent?

It’s aimed at people who really want to stand while changing in the tent, with vertical sidewalls and a gracious 81-inch peak height that Mom and Dad will appreciate.