What tests are done for pre-employment medical?

What do pre-employment checkups include?

  • Complete Medical & Physical Examination.
  • Laboratory Investigations. Complete Blood Count. Blood Sugar Test (usually fasting) Urine Routine & Microscopy. Blood Group & Rh Factor.
  • X-Ray Chest.
  • ECG.
  • Lipid Profile.
  • Kidney function test.
  • Liver function test.
  • Optional tests. HIV. HBsAg (Hepatitis)

How do I prepare for a pre-employment medical exam?

Now that you know the difference let us see how to prepare for a fast exam or a physical medical check up.

  1. Get a good night sleep.
  2. Drink lots of water.
  3. Avoid exercise.
  4. Avoid salty and fatty foods.
  5. Fast.
  6. Do not drink coffee or smoke.
  7. Schedule your appointment in the morning.
  8. Prepare a checklist.

What are the medical test for employment?

Some of the basic tests included in medical exams for work are:

  • CBC or complete blood count.
  • Urinalysis to look for infections.
  • Routine stool examination.
  • 2-Panel Drug Test (if necessary)
  • X-ray (chest and other body parts)
  • Physical exam.
  • Visual acuity.

What does pre-employment check up include?

Pre-employment checkups are a means to establish baseline health data against which the future health status of the employee can be compared. It is also a means of identifying existing medical conditions, including contagious diseases.

Can you fail a pre employment medical?

Can I fail the medical? It is not uncommon for candidates to be concerned they won’t “get through” the pre-employment medical examination because of a previous injury, or because of a medical problem. Employers cannot, and do not, exclude people because of this.

Does a pre employment medical mean you have the job?

The pre-employment medical examination is often part of the employment process and can include a drug test as well as a complete physical examination. This is usually the last hurdle a worker must pass before officially being hired in a job. There must be a valid job-related reason for such an examination.

How long do pre employment medical results take?

How long does a pre-employment medical normally take? Your medical may take between 15 to 90 minutes depending on the type and number of assessments booked.

Does a medical mean you have the job?

P.S Does a medical generally mean you have the job ? Put it this way; they’re not going to waste the time/money/effort on someone they don’t want. It’s not a foregone conclusion but it’s a positive sign.

What can I expect from a pre employment medical?

Standard Physical Assessments will vary depending on your industry but could include a Mine Workers Health Surveillance (MWHS) test (hearing and lung function test), a standard hearing test, a lung function test, blood pressure, body mass index, urine analysis, physical fitness test (cardio fitness), eye/vision test.

What happens if you fail a pre employment physical?

What If Your Physical Shows You Cannot Perform the Duties Associated with the Job? If your physical reveals an inability to perform your job duties, the employer has a right to withdraw the conditional offer of employment.

How to prepare for OFW pre employment medical exam?

If you are being scheduled for the medical exam, you need to eat healthy. A day prior to the exam, they will advise you to do a fasting at least 8 hours before the laboratory tests. Don’t you worry, after you are done with the laboratory exams, you can already have your meal.

What do you need to know about the OFW medical exam?

The medical exam for aspiring OFWs usually has 2 parts or phases which can be completed in a day. First phase includes : -Urine Test -Stool Test -Blood Test -X-Ray -Dental -Hearing Test -Eye/vision Test The Second Phase includes: -Physical Exam -Psychological Exam 3.

How much is a pre employment medical exam in the Philippines?

The cost of pre employment medical exam in the Philippines can range from Php 650 to Php 2,000 or more depending on the included tests. Note that this price rate may differ among hospitals and diagnostic clinics.

Do you need a pre-medical for OFW in Qatar?

For OFWs bound for Qatar or Kuwait where they are not issuing a block-visa, a pre-medical is required. For Saudi Arabia where they can transfer visas to another person if they found you unfit, a pre-medical is not required. *Note: If you are bound to Middle East, they still do not rely on the medical exam you underwent in the Philippines.