What type of DNS record is a subdomain?

CNAME records
CNAME records are very commonly used to link a subdomain to a domain’s A or AAAA record, instead of making 2 A records. For example, you could link blog.example.com with a CNAME record to an A record set on example.com, and they would both point to the same server.

What is FTP a record?

A Records. As an example, an A Record is used to point a logical domain name, such as “google.com”, to the IP address of Google’s hosting server, “74.125. 224.147”. These records point traffic from example.com (indicated by @) and ftp.example.com to the IP address 66.147.

What is DNS record for domain?

DNS records (aka zone files) are instructions that live in authoritative DNS servers and provide information about a domain including what IP address is associated with that domain and how to handle requests for that domain. These records consist of a series of text files written in what is known as DNS syntax.

What are the two types of record in DNS?

DNS Types: 10 Top DNS Record Types The most common DNS record types are: Address Mapping record (A Record)—also known as a DNS host record, stores a hostname and its corresponding IPv4 address. IP Version 6 Address record (AAAA Record)—stores a hostname and its corresponding IPv6 address.

Do I need DNS for subdomains?

4 Answers. It depends on whether you want to delegate hosting the subdomain off to a different DNS server (or to the same server, but in a different zone file). You delegate a zone when you want some other entity to control it, such as a different IT department or organization. If you do, then you need NS records.

What are the 4 types of DNS?

All DNS servers fall into one of four categories: Recursive resolvers, root nameservers, TLD nameservers, and authoritative nameservers.

What kind of DNS record is needed to make a subdomain?

To delegate the entire subdomain to another DNS service, you need the following records in your hosts DNS: And you need to provide a pair of DNS name servers for your sub-domain. They need to serve the following records: RFC1034 contains a good description of how sub-domains are configured. The answer is, either will work.

Can a DNS record be used for a FTP connection?

And if so, how can it be done ? Protocol (FTP vs HTTP/HTTPS) has nothing to do with DNS. In the past, some browsers have handled ftp.example.com by attempting an FTP connection by default if HTTP doesn’t respond, but I’m not sure how widely supported that is (or even if it is at all these days).

When to use CNAME records for a subdomain?

CNAME records can be used when you want a subdomain to point to another hostname. This allows you to create an alias for your domain. Subdomain – The third level of the domain name, such as www or ftp. Hostname – The FQDN of the domain that you want to access.

How do you create a subdomain for a domain?

In the domain overview, click on the domain for which you want to create your FTP subdomain. The domain details are displayed. Switch to the Subdomains tab. Under Create subdomain, click Add subdomain. Enter the desired subdomain name and click Save. The subdomain is created. Finally, you need to connect your new subdomain to the FTP server: