What was Erichthonius god of?

Erichthonius was an early king of ancient Athens in Greek mythology, and it was believed that he was autochthonous (born of the soil). According to the myth, Athena visited Hephaestus’ workshop to ask for weapons. However, the smith god tried to seduce the virgin goddess, who fled in disgust.

Who is Athena’s daughter?

Children No natural children, but Erichthonius of Athens was her adoptive son
Roman equivalent Minerva
Etruscan equivalent Menrva

What does Erichthonius meaning in Greek?

Greek Baby Names Meaning: In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Erichthonius is: King of Athens.

Is Erichthonius Athena’s son?

He married Praxithea, a naiad, and had a son, Pandion I. During this time, Athena frequently protected him. He founded the Panathenaic Festival in the honor of Athena, and set up a wooden statue of her on the Acropolis. Erichthonius was succeeded by his son Pandion I.

Is Hercules Athena’s brother?

She tends to treat her brother Hercules like a child….

Goal To preserve Athens’ peace and beat her brother Ares
Home Mount Olympus
Relatives Zeus (Father) Ares (brother)
Pets Ibid, the Owl of Wisdom (pet)

What was Athena afraid of?

Detailed answer: In Greek mythology, Athena represents wisdom and courage. Despite being the goddess of courage and the most powerful god’s daughter, Athena is afraid of being defeated. One day, Poseidon, the brother of Zeus and the sea god, challenged her.

Is Erichthonius immortal?

Athena wished to make the resulting infant Erichthonius immortal and to raise it, so she gave it to three sisters, Herse, Aglauros and Pandrosos, in a willow basket and warned them to never open it. The sight caused Herse and Aglauros to go insane and they jumped to their deaths off the Acropolis.

Where does the name Erichthonius come from in Greek?

Etymology. Erichthonius of uncertain etymology is possibly related to a pre-Greek form * Erektyeu-. The connection of Ἐριχθόνιος with ἐρέχθω, “shake” is a late folk-etymology; other folk-etymologies include ἔριον, erion, “wool” or eris, “strife”+ χθών chthôn or chthonos, “earth”.

Who are the sons of Erichthonius of Dardania?

Erichthonios begat Tros, king of the Trojans, and Tros had three noble sons, Ilos, Assarakos, and Ganymede who was comeliest of mortal men; wherefore the gods carried him off to be Zeus’ cupbearer, for his beauty’s sake, that he might dwell among the immortals.

What did Erichthonius do when he was grown up?

When Erichthonius had grown up, he expelled Amphictyon, and usurped the government of Athens, and his wife Pasithea bore him a son Pandion. 5 He is said to have introduced the worship of Athena, to have instituted the festival of the Panathenaea, and to have built a temple of Athena on the acropolis.

Who was the wife of Erichthonius the Great?

He was married to the naiad Praxithea, with whom he had a son, Pandion the First. Throughout his reign, Erichthonius was protected by Athena, for whom he created the Panathenaic Festival.