When French braiding Do you go over or under?

A French braid is a variation on the classic three strand braid where you add in hair to each section as you form the braid. It follows the regular braid (plait) technique where you cross the right strand over the middle and the left over the right, continuing to bring the hair over into the centre.

Is Dutch braiding easier than French braiding?

“It’ll make it so much easier to braid and feed hair in as you work your way down if there are no tangles,” says de Leon. The key point to remember with Dutch braids is to weave each piece under rather than over (basically the opposite of a French braid).

Is it easier to french braid wet hair?

A chic an simple classic, the French braid is timeless. It’s an elegant style that works for any occasion. If you’re just learning, it’s easier to do this style in wet hair too. I find my hair hold better in braids when it’s wet.

What’s the best way to make a French Pleat?

Next use your finger to twist the ends of the top section and then gently tuck them underneath the pleat. Use hair grips to secure the top section of hair that is tucked under the pleat, use roughly two to three clips to make sure that the hair stays in place.

What’s the best way to prepare for a French braid?

Prep your hair. Just like you did for the normal French braid, brush through tangles to smooth out your hair. French lace braids can work down either one or both sides of your head, so need to part your hair. Use a center or side part, depending on what look you prefer. Start with a small section.

How to braid hair at the Crown of the head?

Separate hair at the crown of the head into three equal sections. Take the section of hair from the left and cross it over in between the right and center sections of hair, as you would with a standard braid. 3. Crisscross the Sections

What does a side French braid look like?

Create a Pinterest-worthy side French braid with our easy video tutorial and step-by-step. A side French braid is a braid which starts on one side of the head and weaves around over the opposite shoulder, with more hair added in as it’s braided.