Where are BJ and Tyler now?

Brian Jeffrey Averell (born November 26, 1979 in Camden, New Jersey) is an American actor and reality show contestant who won The Amazing Race 9 with teammate Tyler MacNiven. He is currently a CBS technology reporter and Periscope livestreamer broadcasting from all the major content conventions such as NAB.

What happened to Joseph and Monica?

Joseph & Monica got married a few years after the season ended, but it ended in divorce.

Are Rob and Kimberly still together?

Rob & Kimberly met while bartending in Los Angeles, California. The young couple has been dating for two years and recently moved in together. Kimberly works in public relations in Los Angeles.

Do the hippies win Amazing Race?

In the end, brains won out over brawn. The hippies were hip enough to wind up on top in the ninth edition of “The Amazing Race.” In an exciting finish, the popular and fun-loving BJ and Tyler topped “Frat Boys” Eric and Jeremy.

Who won Season 10 of Amazing Race?

Tyler Denk
Tyler Denk and James Branaman (Season 10) James (left) and Tyler (right) perform a Detour challenge in Vietnam. They later won The Amazing Race Season 10!

Is Ray and Yolanda still together?

On The Early Show post-race interview, Ray proposed to Yolanda, who accepted. They subsequently got married and currently have two children.

Are Dustin and Kandice still friends?

Dustin & Kandice met while rooming together at the Miss America pageant. Rivals at first, they quickly struck a bond and have been best friends ever since. Dustin was Miss California 2005 and is currently living in Seattle, Washington as a graduate student studying psychology.

Who are the winners of The Amazing Race season 27?

Dating news reporters Kelsey Gerckens and Joey Buttitta were the winners of this season. The 27th season of The Amazing Race started filming on June 22, 2015, at picturesque Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

How many teams are there on The Amazing Race?

It featured eleven teams of two, with each team centered on a pre-existing relationship between the cast members such as marriage, dating, or best friends. Teams competed in a race around the world for a US$1 million grand prize. This season premiered on September 25, 2015.

Who are the cast members of The Amazing Race?

The cast included TMZ staff Kelly Berning (editor) and Shevonne Sullivan (post production supervisor), reporters Kelsey Gerckens and Joey Buttitta from KEYT-TV, former New York Jets cheerleaders Tiffany Chantell Torres and Krista DeBono, and former America’s Best Dance Crew contestants Ernest “E-Knock” Phillips and Jayjion “Jin Lao” Greer.

Where does The Amazing Race 25 take place?

Similar to The Amazing Race 25, the show’s Twitter page announced an open start at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California and invited fans to join in sending the new teams off on June 22, 2015. The open start revealed that teams would head to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.