Where can I see sunflowers in Kansas?

Sunflower Fields Near Kansas City

  • Grinter Farms.
  • Johnson Farms Plants & Pumpkins.
  • Berry Hill UPick Farm Sunflowers.
  • Russell Sunflower Patch.
  • Gieringer’s Family Orchard & Berry Farm.
  • Elanor’s Events Sunflowers.

Does Kansas have sunflower fields?

While sunflower fields can be spotted all over the state, many of the sunflower fields that are open to the public are located in central and eastern Kansas. However, the Goodland area is notable for it’s large sunflower production with Goodland being nicknamed the Sunflower City of Kansas.

What month do sunflowers bloom in Kansas?

These crop sunflowers should not be confused with the Kansas state symbol, a tinier version called Helianthus annuus, which bloom throughout the summer along roadsides across Kansas. Late August through mid-September is when crop sunflowers in Kansas are at the height of their bloom.

Where can I see sunflowers in Wichita KS?

Best Place to Take Sunflower Photos near Wichita, Kansas

  • Klausmeyer Farm and Pumpkin Patch.
  • Walters Sunflower Field.
  • Grinter Farms.
  • Kansas Maze / Gaeddert Farms Sunflower Field.
  • Peterson Bros. Sunflower Field / Sunflower Trails – Near Coronado Heights.

How long do Sunflowers bloom in Kansas?

about two weeks
Sunflowers bloom for a short window of about two weeks. Depending on when farmers plant them, they could bloom any time from mid-August to early September. Because weather plays a big factor, some farmers will plant fields earlier or later than usual depending on Mother Nature.

Why is Kansas the Sunflower State?

The Climate First and foremost, Kansas is the sunflower state because our weather is perfectly suited for them. The plant is native to North America and grows well in many locations throughout the continent. Kansas is special, however, because the flower can be found in every county. — which Kansas offers in abundance.

Where to buy sunflowers in Lawrence, KS?

Sunflower General, a local goods & bake shop is near the smaller of the two sunflower fields in 2020. Crafts, t-shirts, baked goods and local honey are available at Sunflower General.

Where are the sunflower fields located in Kansas?

Ted and Kris Grinter’s Sunflower Farmin Leavenworth County has become a phenomena. Although Kansas has a great many sunflower fields, those fields are primarily in central and western Kansas. These fields are in the far eastern part of the state (near the population centers)

When do sunflowers bloom in Leavenworth County Kansas?

Some seeds were planted very late, after other seeds didn’t germinate or grow. Those late plants may bloom in October. Ted and Kris Grinter’s Sunflower Farm in Leavenworth County has become a phenomena. Although Kansas has a great many sunflower fields, those fields are primarily in central and western Kansas.

When is the best time to plant sunflowers in Kansas?

Here in Kansas sunflowers have a short window of growth. The best month is usually August, sometimes rolling into early September. However, some years, sunflower fields will pop up as early as mid-July or as late as the end of September.