Where is the Neopet pound?

The Pound is a building located in Neopia Central’s plaza area. It can be used to: – Adopt pets from the pound (to be used as lab rats etc.) – Remove unwanted pets from your account.

Can you still adopt Neopets?

If you have a pet that you no longer want to look after, you can disown it. Your Neopet will be kept in the Neopian Pound until some kind soul comes and adopts them. Make sure you are 100% certain you do not want your Neopet as other people will be able to adopt it as soon as you abandon it.

How do you disown Neopet?

If you wish to disown your Neopets, all you have to do is to click on the button below your pet a few times until it says ‘Sure?!? ‘. After clicking on it, your pet will be sent to the Adoption Center and can be adopted by anybody on Neopets.

How do you trade Neopets?

Unlike item trading, which takes place at the Mystery Island Trading Post, there’s no official system for advertising pets you would like to trade; finding someone who owns the Neopet of your dreams, and likes one of your pets enough to swap, has to be done through posts on the Neopian Pound Neoboard.

How old does your account have to be to adopt a Neopet?

four months
If your account is four months or older, you can adopt or receive a pet of any colour, species and level, as long as you have enough Neopoints to pay the adoption or transfer fee. You can read more about Limited Edition and Restricted Neopet species here, and about adoption and transfer here.

How many Neopets can you adopt a day?

Each pet may only be transferred once per day. Transfers not accepted after 72 hours are cancelled, with the pet returned to the original owner’s account. A Neopet must be at least 7 days old to be transferred.

How many Neopets can you have 2021?

Yes, you can have up to four Neopets. Don’t forget you don’t need to create new ones, you could always adopt a more experienced Neopet at the Neopian Pound.

How do I get rid of Petpets Neopets?

To do this click on your pets name in the yellow side bar (or click on Quick Ref). When this page loads click on the petpet you wish to remove. A new page will now appear, at the bottom there is a button that says ‘Stop playing with petpet’. Click this and the petpet will now be returned to your items.

How many times can you transfer Neopets?

How do you get a stuck pet in the Neopian pound?

Stuck pets are pets that you can’t find by just simply surfing the pound. They’re hidden and only can be found by searching the exact name of the pet.

When did the Neopian pound reopen for adoption?

It didn’t reopen again until a year later, on August 29th 2008. The pound can be used to adopt a new Neopet, transfer a Neopet to another specific owner, or abandon your Neopet for another random Neopian to pick up. Before you adopt a pet, please remember that all pets come without clothing, which includes paint brush clothing.

What can you do with a pound of Neopian?

The pound can be used to adopt a new Neopet, transfer a Neopet to another specific owner, or abandon your Neopet for another random Neopian to pick up. Adopting | Transferring | Abandoning Adopting

How much does it cost to pound a dog on Neopian?

This function allows you to remove pets from your account and place them in the pound for others to adopt. To pound pets there is a fee of 250 neopoints. You can only pound one pet per day and only after the pet has reached the age of a week.

When was the Neopet transfer added to the pound?

It was relaunched a year later on April 30th 2008. The new pound came equipped with a new transfer feature that everyone was happy to see. Finally on the 2nd of October the pound received a feature to trade neopets due to the fact that many people were being scammed out of their neopets during the two part trading process.