Who is the narrator in Bastion?

actor Logan Cunningham
A narrator voices over the entire RPG. Masterfully played by first-time videogame actor Logan Cunningham, Bastion ‘s gruff narrator is the game. His play-by-play turns what could have been just another hack-and-slash adventure into a haunting, poignant experience.

Is rucks the kid bastion?

Did anyone else survive? Rucks is the narrator of the game Bastion, first introduced as “The Stranger”. He is the first survivor of the Calamity that The Kid meets.

What is the story of Bastion?

Bastion’s story follows the Kid as he collects special shards of rock to power a structure, the Bastion, in the wake of an apocalyptic Calamity. The game was built over the course of two years by a team of seven people split between San Jose and New York City.

Is Logan Cunningham in Hades?

Logan Cunningham is a voice actor notable for his work on Supergiant Games titles. He is the voice of Hades, Poseidon, Achilles, Charon, Asterius, and The Storyteller.

What is a Bastion of hope?

Bastion of Hope is a notable Ascendancy passive skill for the Guardian that a large amount of block chance periodically and grants stun immunity to the player and nearby allies in a radius of 60 if you have blocked in the past 10 seconds.

Does Bastion have multiplayer?

Does the game offer multiplayer or co-op? Bastion is a single-player game.

How old is the kid from Bastion?

I’m going to go with a younger age, the world of Bastion seems to be in the industrial age, where it is not uncommon for a kid at the age of 12 to leave school. Give him 9 years of service, that puts him at 21 for the game, plenty young to be called “Kid.”

How many weapons are in Bastion?

During the game, you’ll unlock weapons that you’ll be able to upgrade & mod. There’s 11 weapons, all with specifics, pros & cons.

What does the name Bastion mean?

Southern French: from a diminutive of Bastide, a topographic name from Occitan bastide ‘building’ (Late Latin bastita, feminine singular or neuter plural past participle of bastire ‘to build’, of Germanic origin).

Does Bastion have a good story?

While a lot of people clamor that we need to “think outside the box” and find new ways to tell stories and experiment, Bastion did just fine in the box. Because without the gameplay, Bastion is a good, surreal fantasy story; and without its narration, it’s a cute game about falling off the edge of the world.

Where is Logan Cunningham from?

A longtime friend of Darren’s and Amir’s, Logan hails from San Jose but moved back east to study‚Ķ just about everything besides acting. Yet by the time Logan finished college, he knew that acting was his true calling, thanks in part to an education rife with classical theater and visual arts kids.

Does Hades have voice acting?

Lord Hades is voiced by @glancingonhuman, who’s been the principal voice actor in all our games thanks to his remarkable talent and range. Zagreus is voiced by none other than @DarrenKorb, when he wasn’t busy making his wonderful music and sound FX for the game.

Who is the narrator of the game Bastion?

He finds me.” — The Stranger Rucks is the narrator of the game Bastion, first introduced as “The Stranger”. He is the first survivor of the Calamity that The Kid meets.

Who is the voice actor for Rucks bastion?

Logan Cunningham is a voice actor, best known for his narration in all four of Supergiant Games’ titles: “Rucks” Bastion (2011), “Bastion Announcer” Dota 2 (2012), “The Transistor” Transistor (2014), “The Voice” Pyre (2017), and “The Storyteller” Hades (2018). He is also credited for his work in Resonance (2012), Primordia (2012), and Gravity…

Who is the actor in transistor and bastion?

Logan Cunningham is an actor, known for Bastion (2011), Transistor (2014) and Dota 2 (2013).

What’s the name of rucks from the bastion?

Rucks possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Caelondia, the Old World, and any mementos the Kid discovers. His name is not revealed until The Kid brings Zulf back to the Bastion, whereupon Rucks introduces himself as a courtesy. Note: Page Consists Of Important Plot Details. Read At Your Own Risk