Why is Voss sparkling water so good?

The advantages to purchasing and drinking VOSS water are numerous. First, VOSS offers incredibly pure and naturally mineral rich water from and artesian well in Norway. Secondly, VOSS offers optional glass bottles that are not only better for you but better for the environment.

Does Voss have electrolytes?

Containing a blend of 74 trace minerals and electrolytes sourced from the coastal seas of Iceland, the beverage also uses Aquamin, which is a plant-based multi-mineral complex that is derived from seaweed and absorbs trace minerals from surrounding seawater. …

Is Voss water legit?

There are a bunch of different brands of water to choose from and you’re never sure which is actually the best. This woman tested 7 different brands and found that Voss water comes in the number 2 spot. Fiji takes the number one spot for tasting more crisp.

Is Voss water good quality?

VOSS water isn’t cheap, but it is incredibly good. It’s a popular water choice for high-end restaurants and bars, and other premium customers. It’s even endorsed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and that kind of Rock-filtration is exclusive only to this brand. VOSS’s water comes from an artesian source in Southern Norway.

Which is better Fiji or VOSS?

Is Voss water really from Norway?

VOSS is bottled at an artesian source in the pristine wilderness of Southern Norway, naturally filtered and protected from pollutants. The water is generated from the source deep beneath the ground. The unprocessed nature of the water gives it its fresh, clean taste.

Is Voss water really Artesian?

Does the rock own Voss?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently acquired a stake in water brand Voss, and now he stars in the brand’s first consumer-facing campaign since taking on a role as strategic advisor.