Are death certificates public record in Colorado?

Vital records, including birth, death, adoption, marriage and divorce, are confidential per Colorado state statute (C.R.S. As a result, Colorado vital records are not public records and therefore not searchable online.

Where can I get a copy of a death certificate in Colorado?

In Person. If you would like to order a birth or death certificate in person, please visit us at 120 W. 5th Ave., Denver, CO 80204. You will be asked to complete a form, and to present your current driver’s license, state identification, passport or other form of accepted identification.

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Where are the earliest death records in Colorado?

Our best collection of death records for that time are deaths that happened in a Denver hospital, though other early death records exist. View the earliest Colorado birth and death records on file by county.

Who can order a death certificate in Denver?

Certified death certificates for Denver County from 1964 – present. Who can order a birth or death certificate? The person named on the birth record, with approved forms of identification. Members of the immediate family, with required proof of relationship. To prove your relationship, we accept:

When did the US start keeping death records?

The History Of Death Records. Vital records have been kept by most states since the early 1900s. However, some states, such as Massachusetts, have had death records as early as the 1600s. It is now required by federal law for all states to keep death records, but what must be included in a death record can vary.

Are there any death certificates in the archives?

Death Certificates issued after 1908 are not held by the Archives. Please contact Certificates and Vital Records for these records. Probate Records can be another helpful resource to researchers interested in documentation of someone’s death. To request a record from the Archives, please submit a formal request.