Are there solo dance competitions in Figure Skating?

Find a Solo Dance competition Solo dance is an opportunity for skaters to ice dance on their own without a partner and is open to skaters of all ages and ice dance levels, from preliminary to gold and international. Solo dance events – both pattern and free dances – are available at nonqualifying competitions across the country.

What does ice dancing mean in Figure Skating?

Ice dancing is a discipline of figure skating where couples consisting of a woman and a man are skating together. Ice dance differs from pairs in focusing on intricate footwork performed in close dance holds, in time with the music.

What do you need to know about ice dance?

Ice dance lifts must not go above the shoulder. There are two tracks for dance tests, namely compulsory and freestyle. These tracks are similar to moves and freestyle tests. The compulsory tests follow a specific pattern on the ice similar to the moves tests.

How many compulsory dances are there in Skate Canada?

In the dance stream, there are 30 compulsory dances set by Skate Canada. A separate test is held for each dance. They are grouped into categories that align with the free skate levels:

What kind of music do ice skaters dance to?

Skaters that perform to George Gershwin’s songs look like they are dancing and smiling on the ice. Music from “The Nutcracker” has been skated to by ice skaters of all ages and levels.

When does the National solo dance finals start?

The 2021 Solo Dance Series will run March to August 2021 and end with the National Solo Dance Final, held in Kalamazoo, Michigan, September 17 – 19, 2021. Log in to the Members Only site to find technical updates and more information on solo dance. The top skaters from each section are invited to compete at the National Solo Dance Final.