Can you ECM rush Firestarter Day 2?

There is no reliable way to do it solo. The only reliable way is to chain ECMs and rush it so you get inside before the alarm and prevent the barrier from dropping. Otherwise, nope, it’s luck. First, you can’t kill all the guards before more respawn, which means you can’t destroy cameras.

Can firestarter be stealthed?

However, you can stealth it. It takes a lot of skills. It is doable since there are no pagers. It’s slightly similiar to Big Oil Day 1 Stealth.

Is there a camera room in Firestarter?

If there is a camera in the station chief’s office, it can be shot without any guards coming to check on it. This allows the room to be used as a convenient place to hide bodies.

How do you open the goat safe in PAYDAY 2?

Once you start enter from the left side of the FBI building and the downstairs loot room you’ll find the safe in there, it being a Big Goat Safe. Drill, C4 and/or Saw the Door open. Once this is all done secure the Server and the Goat and both the Achievement will unlock and the Safe.

Where is the hidden briefcase on Firestarter?

In Update #154, the interior of the building in the corner of the map opposite of the starting point was opened up to players. Alongside the briefcase required for a Side Job, there is a safe on a counter that can be drilled, lockpicked, or blown open, and inside is a bag of money.

Where is the briefcase in Firestarter?

How do you do guess on payday 2?

To get this Achievement you need to cut two right Cables inside the Security Boxes to deactivate the Alarm from the Server Room and escape with the Server unseen. Problem is you don’t know with cables are the right ones, if you cut the wrong one the alarm goes on – thats why the Achievement is called Guessing Game.

How do you get safes in payday?

Today, the only way to get the above-mentioned safes is to go on the Steam marketplace, buy a safe, and then buy a corresponding drill. Going forward, these safes will be added to the regular rotation of droppable safes (at a low chance), and be openable without a drill.

How do you claim a side job in PAYDAY 2?

After this if you load Crime.Net (both offline or online), click the Side Job button and go to the completed job (it will be orange); Click on the money icon to claim the money (20k for daily and 140k for weekly)

Where are the weapons in Firestarter?

Once you’ve got the weapons, if you wish to destroy them, look for a long gray cylinder. They’re normally located behind or beside the hangars, but there is a chance that they may be next to the opposite hanger, making for a long walk. Either way, once you find the cylinder, shoot it until it explodes.

How do you open the goat safe in Payday 2?

What do you need to know about Firestarter Payday 2?

Firestarter is a three-day heist in PAYDAY 2, contracted by Hector. The goal is to cripple the arsenal and finances of a rival gang, The Mendoza Cartel. The crew must steal or destroy the weapons inside a hangar on Day 1, steal a server from an FBI office on Day 2, and burn cash inside a bank vault on Day 3.

Do You need A speedrun guide for Payday 2?

A guide destined for speedrunners who want to discover and learn new skips, glitches and techniques that are useful for Payday 2 speedruns. Or for anyone who just wants to see the game being broken for the giggles. This item has been added to your Favorites.

What to do on Day 1 of payday?

The crew must steal or destroy the weapons inside a hangar on Day 1, steal a server from an FBI office on Day 2, and burn cash inside a bank vault on Day 3. Locate the open hangar containing the weapons. Steal or destroy the required amount of weapons. (Optional) Steal or destroy the remaining weapons. Escape.

How many hangars are there in payday payday?

There are four hangars, and the only one that is open contains all of the weapon cases (two open hangars on Mayhem or above). The weapons inside each case can either be stolen or destroyed. Inside the hangar are two trucks which contain weapons; they can be opened from the back with a drill, a saw or C4.