Did Kurt Cobain hate interviews?

Kurt Cobain Offers His Thoughts on Rap Music in Unreleased 1991 Interview. For an awkward meta-flourish, the interview asked Cobain to discuss why he hates interviews, after forcing him to record a station I.D. “I’m getting really bored with the same questions all the time,” Cobain explained. “It’s understandable.

Did Kurt Cobain hate the music industry?

He unwillingly and reluctantly became the voice of a generation, and he hated the rockstar fame and adulation that came with it. During the last couple years of his life, he was addicted to drugs, in part using them as a way to escape the pressures and perhaps even disappointments of stardom.

Did Kurt Cobain like pop?

“He loved pop music more than most of us did,” says Charles Peterson, who was Sub Pop’s in-house photographer and took many of the most iconic pictures of Cobain.

What did the Beatles think of Nirvana?

Ringo Starr revealed his opinion about Nirvana, saying: I’m an emotional guy. No one can doubt Nirvana, ever. And who knew he’d end up where he ended up. I don’t think anyone who listened to music with any courage could doubt him, ’cause he was courageous.”

Why did Nirvana hate Pearl Jam?

Kurt Cobain often ridiculed rival Pearl Jam, arguing that it lacked the underground purity of Nirvana–that it was simply an old-line commercial rock band in grunge clothing.

Did Kurt Cobain listen to the Beatles?

Nirvana took hold of the 1990s with their iconic grunge-style music, and with the release of their incredible albums Nevermind and In Utero. Singer and songwriter for the band, Cobain, was a massive fan of The Beatles, and was brutal about how he felt about each of the members’ songwriting styles.

What did Kurt Cobain think of John Lennon?

Speaking in an interview in 1993, Cobain confessed: “John Lennon was definitely my favourite Beatle, hands down. “I don’t know who wrote what parts of what Beatles songs, but Paul McCartney embarrasses me.” The 26-year-old at the time added: “Lennon was obviously disturbed [laughs]. So I could relate to that.”

Did Kurt Cobain hate Paul?

It is a surprise find, as Cobain was not known for his love of the song’s author, Paul McCartney. Back in 1989, he was quoted as saying: “I love the Beatles, but I hate Paul McCartney.” “Nobody in Kurt’s life — not his management, wife, bandmates — had ever heard his Beatles thing,” Morgen told Rolling Stone.

Is Kurt Cobain in Pearl Jam?

A year later, Cobain was still not converted to Pearl Jam’s music, but he admitted that his comments were out of line and revealed that he’d since formed a friendship with Eddie Vedder. “There never was one. I slagged them off because I didn’t like their band,” he told Rolling Stone. “I hadn’t met Eddie at the time.

Why did Kurt Cobain cancel his Rolling Stone interview?

Cobain had abruptly canceled an earlier interview, partly because of the anti- Nirvana letters that recently dominated Rolling Stone ‘s Correspondence page and partly because the magazine borrowed the title of the band’s hit single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for a headline on the recent Beverly Hills, 90210 cover. Then he came around.

Who was the manager of Nirvana at the time of his death?

Twenty-five years after Kurt Cobain’s death, Nirvana co-manager Danny Goldberg reflects on the late icon’s legacy. Next week marks the 25th anniversary of Kurt Cobain ’s death, but Danny Goldberg says he’s only recently come to terms with the tragedy.

Where does Kurt Cobain of Nirvana live now?

Nirvana on the cover of Rolling Stone. F or now, Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain and his new wife, Courtney Love, live in an apartment in Los Angeles’s modest Fairfax district.

How did Kurt Cobain look in Nevermind?

Having eaten virtually nothing for over more than two weeks, Cobain is strikingly gaunt and frail, far from the stubbly doughboy who smirked out from a photo inside Nevermind.