Do places still double coupons?

While some stores may not double coupons, you might find that they will match the advertised prices of identical items from other stores within a specific area. Take advantage of it if your store does price match. Always carry the advertisements with you as proof of what items and prices you expect them to match.

Do any stores in Florida double coupons?

Dear NP: Kmart occasionally doubles coupons up to $2, according to occasional ads in its sales circular. Most Florida grocers, including Publix and Winn-Dixie, offer buy-one-get-one free sales, which is better than double coupons.

How can I get a discount on CAA?

Instant savings. As a CAA Member, you can save instantly when you present your card at any of the 124,000 participating retail locations and services in North America. You can save on apparel, restaurants, the latest tech, hotel stays and more.

How do you know when a coupon will double?

If you look at the coupon bar code you can tell if it will or will not double. If the coupon bar code starts with a “5” it will double automatically. If it starts with a “9” it will NOT double automatically. Even if it starts with a “5”, the cashier may still override the coupon to make it not double.

Can someone else use my CAA membership?

CAA membership covers the person. The person can ask for the service, including on another person car they that are riding with. It’s an abuse if it’s used by other people, rather than by the member.

Are there any grocery stores in California that offer double coupons?

Below is a list of grocery stores which offer double coupons in California. It’s important to note that grocery store chains which are located in both Southern California and Northern California do not necessarily have the same double coupon policy even though they are the same chain.

Where can I double my A & P coupons?

New York A&P: Some A&P stores allow you to double your coupons up to $0.99. To see if your local store allows this practice, give them a call. FoodTown: Most FoodTown locations offer to double your coupons but the policy will vary by store. Jubilee Foods: This store doubles all coupons up to $0.50 every day of the week.

Where can I find double coupons in Delaware?

Delaware Acme: Acme supermarkets will double a coupon up to $0.99 every day of the week. Giant Food: Giant Food stores offer double coupons up to $0.50. Pathmark: Pathmark grocery stores offer double coupons up to $0.99. On occasion, the store will offer double coupons up to $2. SuperFresh: SuperFresh will double coupons up to $1.

Are there any coupons that do not double?

ACME does not double free coupons, ACME store coupons, milk coupons, cigarette coupons, pharmacy coupons, store-issued manufacturer paper coupons or manufacturer paper coupons that state “do not double”. Read the complete ACME coupon policy.