Does BT have a download limit?

As a result of coronavirus we removed caps on all of our broadband packages so every customer has unlimited data. This will apply from February 2020. All customers who currently have limited broadband packages will automatically get unlimited data.

How many Programmes can you record at once on BT TV?

two shows
You can record up to two shows at once whilst watching live TV, if you try and ask more of the box then it’ll request you stop one of your recordings.

Can you download BT Sport films?

Want to watch the films and box sets you’ve bought from BT TV? Our app lets you stream content as well as download anything that you choose to buy. You can also watch content on the web.

How do I download Programmes from BT TV?

Downloading purchases and rentals To download a purchase, go the ‘Purchases or Rentals’ section within ‘My TV’ and tap on the title you want to download. Tap on the Download button below ‘Watch Now’ to start the download. The progress bar will show you the % completion of your download.

Is BT Fibre 1 Unlimited?

BT Fibre Essential – BT’s entry-level fibre broadband deal offers average speeds of 36Mbps and unlimited usage. Includes a Home Hub and is suitable for homes with 3-4 people. Superfast Fibre 1 – Teams average speeds of 50Mbps with unlimited usage. A good package for busy family homes or students in a house share.

Is BT Fibre 2 Unlimited?

Online exclusive Fibre 2 Unlimited free access to over 5 million UK wi-fi hotspots. Once your service is active, you’ve got three months to claim your gift card by visiting

Can you record on a BT YouView box?

In addition to pausing and rewinding live TV, with the BT TV Recordable Box G4 you can record up to 300 hours of TV on its 500GB hard drive. You’ll also be able to access all the same subscription and on-demand services from BT TV, Freeview, BBC iPlayer, All 4, BT Player and more.

What apps are available on BT TV?

All of the major catch-up services are here, including BBC iPlayer, All 4, ITV Hub and more. You can also watch Netflix and NOW from here, too.

What apps are available on BT TV box?

You can add on tons more with BT TV or TalkTalk TV too – such as Sky 1, Nat Geo, Comedy Central, and Disney Channel. You’ll also get catch up and on demand – if you hook it up to a broadband connection – from: BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All4, Demand 5, UKTV Play, S4C, Milkshake, and the Netflix and Now TV apps.

Can you get Disney+ on BT TV?

As it stands, Disney+ is not available as an app on BT. BT customers can still sign-up and watch Disney+ on an Apple TV or an Amazon Fire Stick, for example. The only set-top box offering Disney Plus is Sky Q, which allows Sky customers to pay for the service as part of their contract – an extra £5.99 a month.

What is the difference between BT fibre 1 and 2?

With a Fibre 1 package, speeds increase to an average of 50Mbps, and with a Fibre 2 package, speeds can average 67Mbps. Users with Fibre Essential and Fibre 1 get upload speeds up to 9.5Mpbs, and Fibre 2 users benefit from upload speeds of around 19.5Mpbs.

Do you have to have unlimited BT box to use YouView?

If you have to ask then too much for your circumstances. If you do not have an unlimited package then you are going to be worrying the whole time you are using them. And no, watching anything on a YouView from BT box does not count against your BB usage. Including using third party apps. And they’ll be many of those in the future.

How can I see how much BT I’m using?

If you’ve an Android or Apple smartphone, the easiest way is to use the My BT App. You can do this by using our broadband usage monitor. Just log in to My BT at Here you can see how much of your monthly usage allowance has been used and how much you’ve got left for that month.

Which is the latest version of YouView for BT t2100?

This is a release for BT T2100 & T4000 devices which contains the addition of the Sports section in the Main Menu along with some noteable bug fixes. This is a software release for T2000 devices and contains the addition of the Sports section in the Main Menu.

Do you have to pay for BT Vision?

If you are a YouView customer and subscribe to BT Vision, you will not be charged for any YouView usage. However, due to technical reasons, some YouView content is currently contributing to the usage monitor even though it’s exempt.” If you put a non-BT Humax on BT broadband, it seems to turn it into a BT box.