Does Kate do her own hair?

The Duchess of Cambridge undeniably always looks immaculate and never has a single hair out of place whenever she steps out in public. Like everybody else in the UK, the royal was forced to style her own hair during lockdown – something she has perfected so well without the help of her trusty hairdresser, Richard Ward.

Who is Kate Middleton’s hairdresser?

Richard Ward, who has been in charge of Kate’s locks since before her marriage to Prince William ten years ago, said he was ‘really excited’ about reopening his salon in London’s Sloane Square on April 12.

Does Kate Middleton dye her hair?

Kate Middleton’s hair colour is a perfect, natural mix of tones. Dyeing just a few strands of hair in each shade, as opposed to large sections, achieves a more natural look.”

What is Kate Middleton’s haircut called?

Kate Middleton stepped out for the latest leg of her Irish tour with a brand new shorter haircut complete with Instagram’s go-to style: a French girl fringe. The Duchess of Cambridge added a more casual twist to her signature bouncy blowdry with the cheekbone-length split fringe.

Is Kate Middleton’s hair naturally curly?

Natural Texture The sea air and humidity revealed some of Kate’s natural hair texture. Her usual waves are much tighter and more casual than her luxe, blown-out curls, but she still looks so gorgeous.

What shampoo does Kate Middleton use?

Kerastase Nutritive Bain Oleo smoothing shampoo
The rumored royal shampoo of choice that keeps Kate’s locks so bouncy? Kerastase Nutritive Bain Oleo smoothing shampoo. While the Duchess has never confirmed her use of the product, there are a few more that appear to have a more confirmed pedigree.

What face shape is Kate?

Oval Faces
Celebrities with Oval Faces Julianne Moore, Oprah, and Kate Middleton (aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) all have oval faces.

What Color Is Kate Middleton’s hair?

The Duchess of Cambridge may be well known for her glossy brunette locks, but she does like to change up her look from time to time! In fact, Kate is rarely seen with just a straight-up dark tone to her hair – she likes to add dimension with sun-kissed pieces, or even auburn tones.

Who is the hairdresser for the Duchess of Cambridge?

As a Royal the Duchess of Cambridge never looks anything short of perfectly put together. And giving an insight into what it takes to keep Kate Middleton’s locks looking luscious, her personal hairdresser has reportedly shared a few of her well-kept secrets.

Who was the hairdresser that did Kate’s wedding hair?

James Pryce, the man behind Kate Middleton’s wedding hairstyle, once described his eight-year relationship with the duchess as one “that’s been built on trust and discretion.” It seems, however, that Pryce’s oft-publicized royal ties have finally been broken.

Who is the hairdresser for Kate Middleton and Prince George?

The famous hairdresser, who has styled Kate’s tresses for years, has joined the royals on previous tours and even visited Kate in hospital shortly after Prince George was born in 2013 to get her camera-ready. “I’m not surprised Kate’s hairdresser has such a substantial kit, hairdresser to the stars Jason Collier told the Daily Mail.

How did Richard Ward do Kates new hair?

Hairdresser Richard Ward styled Kate Middleton’s new hair at his London salon To recreate the look, the hairdressers use lots of rollers and 15ft of extensions Finished off the new look with a chic tuxedo, like the Duchess wore this week