How can I redeem Digi free 1GB Covid?

Digi Telecommunications To redeem your free 1GB Productivity Internet, simply dial the UMB codes below: Prepaid (Voice & Broadband): Dial UMB *338*1*1# Postpaid (Voice & Broadband): Dial UMB *238*1*1#

How can I get free 1 GB?

To redeem your free 1GB Productivity Internet, simply dial the UMB codes below:

  1. Prepaid (Voice & Broadband): Dial UMB *338*1*1#
  2. Postpaid (Voice & Broadband): Dial UMB *238*1*1#

How do I claim my 1GB Tunetalk for free?

Learn and Work with FREE 1GB Data

  1. Select “Productivity 1GB” on the Subscription page.
  2. Click “1GB” on the Productivity 1GB page.
  3. Your FREE 1GB Data is redeemed and activated!

Does Digi Prepaid have unlimited data?

Digi Prepaid now offers unlimited data and calls for RM35 but not everyone will get it.

How do I redeem Celcom daily 1GB?

To redeem the data, you’ll need to perform a one-time monthly redemption under the MyDeals section of the the Celcom Life App. The self-care app is available via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery. As usual, the free data is meant for online learning and productivity use.

How do I redeem Yoodo 1GB?

To redeem your free data, you must first update your app to the latest version. On the app’s home screen, there will be a new section called 1GB COVID-19 Bonus and you’ll have to tap on it to redeem the free data.

How do I claim 1GB Tunetalk?

To redeem the daily 1GB data, all you’ll need to do is to perform a one-time SMS opt-in by sending a text STAYHOME by SMS to 2222. You can send the SMS request starting from 00:01 on 1st April 2020.

What is productivity 1GB Tune Talk?

What is this Productivity 1GB data about? In line with the Telco industry’s efforts to support the Rakyat throughout this economic recovery, Tune Talk is providing 1GB data for our subscribers for work and learning needs.