How did Hawkgirl betray the Justice League?

Betrayal. Hawkgirl’s revelation to John Stewart. After a Gordanian vessel was shot down by the Thanagarians over Washington D.C., Hawkgirl’s mission on Earth was complete. She had sent all of the data she had collected on Earth and through her work with the Justice League to the Thanagarians.

What episode do the Justice League reveal their identities?

“Starcrossed” is a three-parter episode and the series finale of Justice League.

Why was Jlu Cancelled?

Cartoon Network had yet to renew Justice League Unlimited for a third season when “Epilogue” was written, suggesting it was intended to bring the entire DC Animated Universe—which began in 1992 with the premiere of Batman: The Animated Series—to a close. The writers decided to end the DCAU where it all started.

Why did Thanagarians invade Earth?

Thanagarians came to Earth posing as mankind’s only hope against the Gordanians who were on their way to Earth in order to enslave it under their rule.

What is Hawkgirl’s real name?

Kendra Saunders

Full name Shiera Sanders Hall Shayera Hol Kendra Saunders
Team affiliations (Hall, Sanders) Justice Society of America (Hall) All-Star Squadron Justice League (Saunders) Justice League Justice Society of America Birds of Prey Black Lantern Corps Blackhawks Legends (Hol) Justice League

How did hawkgirl know where the Batcave was?

When she learns the technology they were using to build a stargate was instead a “hyperspace bypass” which would instead destroy the Earth, she decides to change sides, again. Hawkgirl revealed the location of the satellite and its security codes to allow it to be taken over by the Thanagarians.

What episode does Batman unmask everyone?

Next aired ► “Unmasked” is the fifty-second episode and series finale of Batman Beyond. It initially aired on December 18, 2001. Terry tells Max the story of how his secret identity was exposed, putting not just him, but the witness, in danger.

Is Justice League Unlimited coming back?

The fan-favorite world of the Justice League Unlimited animated series will return in May when DC debuts a new digital-first comic book series titled Justice League Infinity.

Does Hawkgirl love Green Lantern?

Then he and Hawkgirl fell in love. Normally we’d all cheer and place our hands lovingly over our hearts, but as the series wrapped up, one giant plot twist stayed unsolved.

When was the first episode of Justice League Starcrossed?

Butch Lukic (Part I); Dan Riba (Part I); Butch Lukic; (Part III) “Starcrossed” is a three-parter episode and the series finale of Justice League. It is composed of the 24th, 25th, and 26th episodes, and it first aired back-to-back on May 29, 2004.

Who was Batman’s disguise in Justice League Starcrossed?

Hawkgirl’s people, the Thanagarians, arrive to offer the planet protection from another alien race threatening to invade Earth. Did You Know? When Batman infiltrates the Thanagarian command ship, his disguise is made to make him look like the late Alan Napier, who played the role of Alfred Pennyworth in the Batman (1966) TV show.

How many episodes of Justice League are there?

Between both series, there are a total of 91 episodes, along with 2 crossover episodes of Static Shock in which the League appears. The show is the last in a series of animated features that together constitute what is known as the DC animated universe (DCAU).

Who are the members of the Justice League?

Exposed as a criminal, sentenced to prison, and terminally ill due to long-term Kryptonite exposure, Lex Luthor escapes and assembles a supervillain team, the Injustice Gang, to take on the Justice League. The gang consists of Cheetah, Star Sapphire, The Shade, Copperhead, Ultra-Humanite, and Solomon Grundy.