How did Titi die?

The queen of curls who rose to prominence with her SoHo hair salon and popular Miss Jessie’s products has died. Titi Branch, a Queens native, died on Dec. 4 of an apparent suicide, according to an obituary in NV Magazine. She was 45.

When did Titi Branch die?

December 4, 2014
Titi Branch/Date of death

Who currently owns Miss Jessie’s?

MIKO Miko Branch
Miko Branch is the Co-Founder and CEO of Miss Jessie’s products for curly hair. Under the tutelage of her African-American father, Miko Branch was raised to be an entrepreneur.

When was Miss Jessie’s founded?

Miss Jessie’s/Founded

What happened to Miss Jessie’s?

Titi Branch, one of the co-founders of the wildly successful natural hair care line, Miss Jessie’s, died Dec. 4, according to an obituary by NV Magazine. The magazine said it was an apparent suicide but there was no independent confirmation of that.

Did Titi really die?

The day of the exchange arrives. Catalina asks that Valeria and Mariana be released. At that moment, Titi is shot, a shootout breaks out and Catalina panics for her daughter.

Is Miss Jessie’s Black Owned 2021?

When the natural-hair movement resurfaced in the early 2000s, brands like SheaMoisture, Miss Jessie’s, and Carol’s Daughter provided product formulations that actually worked. Though originally Black-founded, SheaMoisture and Carol’s Daughter are no longer Black-owned.

Do Titi and Catalina end up together?

So, Catalina and Titi are one of the favorite ‘ships for a lot of fans. They met up again in the continuation series, after Titi unknowingly slept with, and fathered a child with, her daughter, Mariana Sanín Santana (Stephania Duque).

Does Hernan Dario have a baby with Mariana?

Elsewhere, Albeiro asks Hilda and his daughter for help since he can not get La Diabla out of his head. After her participation in the beauty contest, Dayana tells Titi that she is not happy with the judges’ decision. When she meets her daughter, Hernán Darío learns that Mariana decided to name her daughter Catalina.