How do I apply to UBO?

To apply online, follow the instructions below:

  1. Create an account or Login if you already have an account on our job portal.
  2. Use the registered email and password to login into the system.
  3. You will then be redirected to the Job Vacancies page where you can apply for any of the listed vacancies.

Under which ministry is ubos?

The agency is supervised by the Uganda Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. UBOS is governed by a seven-person board of directors. Its scope of work includes conducting a national population census at least once every 10 years or so.

Who is the head of ubos?

Dr Chris Mukiza
KAMPALA – Dr Chris Mukiza has been appointed the new Executive Director of Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS).

Who heads ubos in Uganda?

Dr Chris Ndatira Mukiza
The Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, in accordance with Part IV, section (7) of the Uganda Bureau of Statistics Act, has on the recommendation of the Board appointed Dr Chris Ndatira Mukiza the new Executive Director of the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS).

What is the meaning of UBO?

Ultimate Beneficial Owner
A UBO or Ultimate Beneficial Owner is the person that is the ultimate beneficiary when an institution initiates a transaction.

What is Uganda’s population 2020?

45,741,007 people
Uganda 2020 population is estimated at 45,741,007 people at mid year according to UN data. Uganda population is equivalent to 0.59% of the total world population. Uganda ranks number 31 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population. The population density in Uganda is 229 per Km2 (593 people per mi2).

What are the roles of ubos?

UBOS is the principal data collecting, processing, analysing and disseminating agency responsible for coordinating and supervising the National Statistical System.

What is live stock census?

The objective of the National Livestock Census was to establish Livestock and poultry numbers at national and district levels. To obtain data on basic characteristics of livestock such as age, sex, breed, use and livestock system.

What does Uganda Bureau of Statistics do?

Which tribe has the highest population in Uganda?

Largest Ethnic Groups In Uganda

Rank Ethnic Group Share of Contemporary Ugandan Population
1 Baganda 16.9%
2 Banyankole 9.5%
3 Basoga 8.4%
4 Bakiga 6.9%

Is Uganda overpopulated?

Uganda Population 2021 (Live) Based on current projections, Uganda’s population is expected to surpass 100 million people by 2050 and reached 167 million people by the end of the century. Uganda’s population growth rate is currently 3.32%. The growth rate has remained around 3% for the past several decades in Uganda.

What is KYC UBO?

What is an Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)? A beneficial owner is a real person that owns or controls the business (or legal entity).