How do you customize Spiceworks help desk portal?

When you go onto the edit page for the portal, if you hover over the box that contains the summary and description box, there will be an “X” and a move icon show in the top right. Click that, and it will remove the block, then under Manage Content, you can create a custom ticket form.

Is Spiceworks Cloud Help Desk free?

The Cloud Help Desk is completely free, as are our other IT tools and applications (and the Community, too). You can learn more about this on our pricing page (it’s guaranteed to make you smile).

How does Spiceworks help desk work?

The Spiceworks Help Desk is part of the Spiceworks Desktop app. In short, you’ll install the desktop app on a dedicated machine, do some configuration, and then have your users submit tickets. You’ll then work those tickets within the app. Once tickets have been created, you can access them within the Help Desk.

How do I create a user portal in Spiceworks?

Click Preferences in the top right corner of the User Portal….Step 2: Set Your Preferences For The User Portal Look

  1. Choose whether you want your boxes to have borders.
  2. Select the color scheme you want.
  3. Upload an image to be displayed in the portal.
  4. Set a name for the User Portal.

What is community Spiceworks?

Spiceworks is an online community where users can collaborate and seek advice from one another, and also engage in a marketplace to purchase IT-related services and products.

Is SpiceWorks still free?

Spiceworks’ pricing Spiceworks pricing is simple: It’s totally free.

Does SpiceWorks have a mobile app?

Newly created Spiceworks accounts will not be able to log in without our direct assistance. Of course, this is not an experience we want any of our members to have. As a result of this, we’ve decided to deprecate the current mobile apps and instead focus on providing a premium mobile-browser experience.

Is SpiceWorks safe?

SpiceWorks is as secure as anything else internally on your network. But there are always steps you can take to make it more secure should you wish. Changing the port in which SpiceWorks operates on is a good place to start.

What does Spiceworks cost?

Is Spiceworks really free? Spiceworks is free for everyone from personal users to enterprise operations. Spiceworks makes money through ads embedded in its dashboard, and if you want to replace those with your own company logo, you’ll have to pay $45 per month or $495 per year.

Does Spiceworks collect data?

Data we collect All of the ticket data that is entered in the Cloud Help Desk is collected by Spiceworks.

How do I change my user portal in Spiceworks?

Log into Spiceworks as an admin, then click on the “user portal” tab and choose “customize.” This allows me to customize the page or pages that the user sees once they are logged in.

How to create user portal in Spiceworks help desk?

Get started by clicking User Portal from the nav bar in your help desk. Now select Design the User Portal. Now you should be looking at your portal. Time to customize the look. Click the Preferences button to get started. You’ll now have the options to edit the following:

How to customize ticket form in Spiceworks?

Spiceworks gives you the option to customize your own new ticket form instead of only using the default, so now you can have one tab for IT requests with specific fields related to IT, and another for maintenance, for example, issues where you can ignore the IT attributes and only get info for the attributes that are related to maintenance.

Can you download help desk software from Spiceworks?

Connect IT assets and purchasing to your help desk tickets. Spiceworks Inventory software is already downloaded with your local Spiceworks Help Desk installation. Take advantage!

Where do I find custom widgets in Spiceworks?

Whether you need help desk customization, integrated password management, a custom bandwidth report, or a German language pack, you’ll find it in the App Center. From plugins to nifty dashboard widgets and reports to language packs, you’ll find just what you need to customize Spiceworks and keep rocking IT. Now there’s no need to leave.