How do you style a list-style-image?

HTML bullets can be replaced with images by using the CSS list-style-image property….Add CSS¶

  1. Add the background property and specify the URL of an image. Also, specify the “no-repeat” and “left center” values.
  2. Specify the padding property.
  3. Set the list-style to “none”.
  4. Add the margin and vertical-align properties.

What is a list-style-image?

The list-style-image CSS property sets an image to be used as the list item marker. It is often more convenient to use the shorthand list-style .

How do I create a list-style-image in CSS?

The list-style-image property can be applied to



    • tags

    What are the list-style-type?

    square:The marker is a square. decimal:The marker is a decimal numbers, beginning with 1. lower-roman:The marker is a lowercase roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv, v, etc.). upper-roman:The marker is a uppercase roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, V, etc.).

    How do I resize a list-style-image?

    Resize the image. Use a background-image and padding instead (easiest method). Use an SVG without a defined size using viewBox that will then resize to 1em when used as a list-style-image (Kudos to Jeremy).

    How do I add an icon to a list item?

    1. This will add the same icon for every list item. I need a different icon for each li element. – Toms Eglite Dec 11 ’17 at 22:00.
    2. if you want that just use “li#someid” in css and then
    3. and next
    4. by creating next li#id element in css – Sorian Dec 11 ’17 at 22:02.

    What is the use of list-style-image?

    The list-style-image property is used to specify an image that is to be used as a marker (bullet) for list items or elements with href=””>display: list-item . When the image is available, it will replace the the marker set using the list-style-type property.

    How do I add a photo to a list?

    Firstly, you need to create the List Item using a li list item tag. Within that List Item tag, you can place your image. You add an image within the Image tag img.

    Can I use list style type?

    However, the list-style-type property may be applied to any element whose display value is set to list-item . Moreover, because this property is inherited, it can be set on a parent element (commonly


        ) to make it apply to all list items.

    What is the difference between list style and list style type?

    list-style is the shorthand to set list-style-type , list-style-position and list-style-image properties all in one declaration. List-style is simply the shorthand version for styling your list. List style type specifically refers to the indicator to the left such as the ever popular none, or disc, decimal, etc.

    Which list is also known as unordered list?

    Answer: Unordered Lists: These are sometimes called bulleted lists because the default visual appearance of an Unordered List is to have small bullet icons in front of the list items. This type of list is best used are for lists that don’t have a required order.

    How do I use font awesome icons in list style?

    In this post, I am going to show you how you can use Font Awesome icons as bullet points in lists on your website.

    1. 1 | Install Font Awesome on your website.
    2. 2 | Choose your icon.
    3. 3 | Remove the existing bullet point styling.
    4. 4 | Set up your new bullet point styling.

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