How do you unlock blacktop players in 2K14?

How to unlock the players in Blacktop?

  1. Extract the downloaded file using 7zip.
  2. Copy ‘Blacktop. ROS’ ‘to NBA 2K14 Saves folder.
  3. Go to options > load/save > load > select Blacktop.
  4. Play NBA 2K14’s Blacktop mode and you should be able choose star players like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant etc.

How do you use Cyberface in NBA 2K14?

NBA 2K14 – Assigning A Cyberface To MyPlayer

  1. Run NBA 2K14.
  2. Open MyCareer.
  3. Go To Player – Edit Player – Press Alt + Tab to Minimize NBA 2K14.
  4. Open Trainer.
  5. Enter your CF ID, Portrait ID (can be the same with CF ID) Height & Weight.
  6. Select Your Body Type (Dropdown Menu)
  7. Click Save 1 & Save 2.

How do you Boxout in NBA 2K14 PC?

Preferably on PC. If you’re not playing with a gamepad, you need to be. The default is left trigger on Xbox-style controller or L2 on PlayStation style controller. As soon as the shot goes up, you can old it down and move the right stick to shade the player behind you to make sure they don’t slip around you.

How do I fix my freeze in NBA 2K14?

[PS3] Crash/Freeze in NBA 2K14

  1. First, load up your PlayStation 3 and go to the XMB.
  2. Next, navigate to the Save Data Utility (PS3), which is found on the XMB under “Game.
  3. Once in the Save Data Utility, search for all of the NBA 2K14 files.
  4. Next, delete the files found in the Game Data Utility.
  5. Delete both NBA 2K14 files.

How do you change your jersey in my career NBA 2K14?

On the right side of the tool you can see the list of all available uniforms for your selected team. To choose a jersey, right click it and set as home or away. 5. You should see a quick confirmation message at the bottom of the tool that says your preferred jersey has been successfully set as home/away.

Why is NBA 2K14 closing?

Sometimes NBA 2K14 will crash (suddenly close by itself) and there are multiple reasons behind that. Most of the time, it is due to mods that you have downloaded. Description: The game crashes as soon as NBA 2K14 is opened. Reason: You may have downloaded a corrupt version of NBA 2K14, or a corrupt global for NBA 2K14.

Why is My NBA 2K14 not working?

If you are experiencing freezes in NBA 2K14, it may be due to a corrupted title or roster update. Once in storage device’s management screen, find and enter the section labeled “NBA 2K14.” Find any files labeled “Settings” and “Sliders” and delete them.

How do you delete data on NBA 2K14 PC?

This tool allows you to quickly and easily delete the game cache….NBA 2K14 DECASH – Clear Cache TOOL 1.0

  1. Run tool.
  2. Click Detect.
  3. Click Delete.

When did Blacktop come out for NBA 2K14?

Blacktop mode roster for NBA 2K14 PC with all players unlocked from the selection menu. This is based on the final roster update from 2K Sports, which was released on June 17th, 2014. Take note that you shouldn’t use this roster file in other game modes aside from Blacktop.

How to unlock all players in NBA 2K14?

An edited NBA 2K14 roster with all players available in Blacktop mode. This is the only way to unlock the superstars since 2K Sports took away the VC feature on the PC version of 2K14. The roster is based on the latest official update from 2K Sports (12-10-13). How to unlock the players in Blacktop? 1. Download the file above and extract it. 2.

Who are the NBA players in Blacktop mode?

In this mode, top-rated NBA players like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant needs to be unlocked in order for them to appear on the players’ menu. You can either buy those players using VC or you can use a custom roster like the one mentioned in the tutorial above.

What are the latest additions to NBA 2k21?

The latest file additions for NBA 2K21 PC include a Next Gen Reshade, Blacktop jersey and presentation update, Marko Guduric face, and a new version of the MyCAREER Modifier. Pick them up at the links below. Thanks to everyone who continues to contribute to our Downloads database!