How does the heui system work?

Opposed to the prior single-shot fuel injection design, HEUI systems use an electronically controlled hydraulic activation with a high-pressure oil pump forcing a plunger within the injector to open the needle to fuel spray into the combustion chamber.

What is a HEUI injector?

It’s called HEUI and it stands for hydraulically activated electronically controlled unit injector. An interesting yet complicated injection system that functions by using pressurized engine oil to fire its fuel injectors, HEUI is the perpetual underdog in diesel performance.

Who invented the HEUI injector?

A HEUI was created by Caterpillar and International for all powerstroke engines manufactured in the early 1990’s and into the early 2000’s until the injector was replaced by a high pressure common rail system in 2007. The HEUI injector consists of two parts: a high pressure oil chamber and a low pressure fuel chamber.

How many fuel chambers are in heui?

The HEUI uses engine lubrication oil that is pressurized from870 psi (6 Mpa) to 3500 psi (24 Mpa) to pump fuel from the injector. The HEUI operates in the same way as a hydraulic cylinder to multiply the force of the high- pressure oil,there are four chambers.

How do I know if my heui pump is bad?

Some symptoms of a failing HEUI pump include:

  1. No start, which can be caused by low oil pressure from an injector sticking open, or by an oil leak beyond the pump.
  2. The IPVR can fail because of a loose nut.
  3. You can get foam in the oil caused by the wrong kind of oil.

How does a 6.0 injector work?

The 6.0 Powerstroke engine, like the 7.3 its predecessor, uses Hydraulic Electronic Unit Diesel Injectors (HEUI), which receive energy to open from engine lube oil that’s pressurized by a gear-driven high-pressure pump.

What is the full form of heui?

This Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector, (HEUI), requires no mechanical actuating or mechanical control devices, and offers many advantages over conventional fuel injection systems.

What are the features of a HEUI fuel system?

Inherent features of the HEUI Fuel System include injection pressure control independent of engine load or speed, totally flexible injection timing, and full electronic control of injection parameters. Packaging the HEUI Fuel System on an engine is simple, as the injector is compact and available in a variety of configurations.

When did Caterpillar start using the HEUI system?

HEUI was a joint venture between Caterpillar and Navistar (i.e. International) and was introduced in 1993. Thanks to being electronically controlled via a computer, it was the first system whereby fuel pressurization and injection timing could be varied independently from engine speed.

How is the oil pressurized in a HEUI system?

The oil in a HEUI injection system works harder than any other engine oil in the world. Not only is it pressurized between 500 psi and 3,600 psi in the high-pressure circuit, but it is additionally responsible for lubricating and cooling the rest of the engine.

How is HEUI injector technology changing diesel engine performance?

HEUI injector technology is changing the way equipment owners, technicians and operators think about diesel engine performance. HEUI performance surpasses mechanical unit injectors and conventional electronic unit injectors, bringing new value to your investment in Cat Engines and machines. Precise injection pressure at any engine speed