How long is Nanjing Road Shanghai?

5.5 km
Nanjing Road/Length

Nanjing Road is the world’s longest shopping district, around 5.5 km long, and attracts over 1 million visitors daily.

What can you buy in Nanjing Road Shanghai?

Historic shops along Nanjing East Road

  • Shanghai Laojiefu Department 海老介福商厦 (1860) – cloths, silks, and fabrics.
  • Heng Da Li Clocks and Watches Co.
  • Cai Tong De Pharmacy 蔡同德堂 (1882) – four stories of Chinese Traditional Medicines.
  • Shao Wan Sheng 邵万生 (1852) – Specialty local foods.

What food is Shanghai famous for?

40 great dishes you can get in Shanghai

  • Xiaolongbao (小笼包) All dumplings here are good, xiaolongbao are the best.
  • Di Shui Dong ribs.
  • Braised eggplant (红烧茄子)
  • Chicken of the fields: aka frog (田鸡)
  • The M Pavlova.
  • Grilled oysters (烤生蚝)
  • Choose your own adventure in seafood.
  • “The chicken has no sexual experience” (童子鸡)

How do I get to Shanghai Nanjing Road?

Take Metro Line 2, Line 12 or Line 13 and get off at West Nanjing Rd. Station. 2. Take bus 23, 24, 41, 301, 304, or 955 and get off at Shimen Yilu Nanjing Xilu Station.

Does Shanghai have postal codes?

The Bund, Yuyuan Garden and World Financial Center are the most popular images on postcards….Shanghai Area Code and Zip Code.

Region Area Code Zip Code
Changning 021 200000
Putuo 021 200000
Hongkou 021 200000
Minhang 021 201100

Where is the Nanjing Road in Shanghai located?

Nanjing Road ( Chinese: 南京路; pinyin: Nánjīng Lù; Shanghainese: Nuecin Lu) is a road in Shanghai. The eastern part of Nanjing Road is the main shopping streets of Shanghai, China, and is one of the world’s busiest shopping streets along with Bukit Bintang. The street is named after the city of Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu neighbouring Shanghai.

Which is the best restaurant on East Nanjing Road?

As the main restaurant of Peace Hotel in Shanghai East Nanjing Road, Longfeng Restaurant, one of the top 5 East Nanjing Road restaurants provides Shanghai food, canton cuisine, and Sichuan cuisine. Besides, it is a good place to enjoy the dinner together with Huangpu River.

Where are the shops on West Nanjing Road?

West Nanjing Road begins here, and features a number of upmarket malls including Plaza 66, Jing An Kerry Centre and HKRI Taikoo Hui, office buildings, the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, and shops. This area also previously featured a number of large mansions and estates, most of which are today either demolished or used by the government.

Where are the metro stations on Nanjing Road?

Shanghai Metro Line 2 runs along Nanjing Road, including the following stations and other stations: People’s Square (Nanjing Rd. / M. Tibet Rd.), the metro station on People’s Square in the middle of Nanjing Road. Across the M. Tibet Road from this station is the west end of the pedestrianized part of the road.