How many episodes are in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien/Number of episodes

How many Ultimate aliens are there in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

30 Aliens – Swampfire, Jetray, Chromastone, Humungousaur, SpiderMonkey, Echo-Echo, Brainstorm, Alien X, Big Chill, Goop, Ultimate Humungousaur, Ultimate SpiderMonkey, Ultimate Echo-Echo, Ultimate Big Chill, Ultimate Swampfire, Ultimate Cannonbolt, Cannonbolt, Rath, Lodestar, Murk Upchuck, Water Hazard, NRG, Armodrillo.

How many episodes does Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Season 2 have?

Season 2: 2010 (Episodes 11 – 20)

Title Number
Deep 13
Ben and the gang travel to a water planet in order to stop Aggregor from obtaining the second piece of the Map of Infinity.
Where the Magic Happens 14
Gwen is forced to team up with her nemesis, Charmcaster, when the team finds themselves to have to stop Aggregor!

What is the last episode of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien/Final episode

Is Michael Morningstar an Osmosian?

Michael doesn’t appear to be an Osmosian either due to the obvious difference in how his powers work. On the other hand, his father might be of a third alien race that absorbs energy like Osmosians and Vladats do. On the third hand, he is just a mutant.

Why did Julie and Ben 10 break up?

The out-of-universe reason for Ben and Julie breaking up was that the crew wanted to do something different, and some of the producers didn’t care for their relationship in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.

Is ben10 good for kids?

Ben 10: Omniverse is a children’s animated science fiction action movie targeting children aged 8-12 years. Although the movie has some worthwhile messages, it also has lots of animated action violence.

Which is the last episode of Ben 10 Omniverse?

A New Dawn is the eightieth and final episode of Ben 10: Omniverse. It is also the final episode of the Classic Continuity . Continuing from the previous episode, Maltruant flees the scene on a chariot driven by a Time Beast. Before Ben and Rook give chase, Professor Paradox appears, informing Ben that he doesn’t have much time left.

What are all of Ben 10’s Aliens?


  • Wildmutt.
  • Diamondhead.
  • XLR8.
  • Grey Matter.
  • Fourarms.
  • Stinkfly.
  • Ripjaws.
  • Upgrade.
  • Ghostfreak.
  • What are all the Ben 10 aliens?

    an inch high insectoid with the ability to shrink to a microscopic size to adapt to any situation.

  • Waterhazard.
  • AmpFibian.
  • Armodrillo.
  • Terraspin.
  • NRG.
  • Fasttrack.
  • Clockwork.
  • ChamAlien.
  • Shocksquatch.
  • What are Ben ten games?

    Ben 10 is America franchise video game that was created by the man of action and produced by the Cartoon Network Studios. This game consists of 7 different types of the games list in which Ben 10 – Food Bash, Ben 10 – Blockade Blitz, Ben 10 – Hero Matrix, Ben 10 – Power Splash, Ben 10 – Savage Pursuit,…