How many penitentiaries are in Kentucky?

As of 2015 it had approximately 350 staff members and an annual operating budget of $20 million….Kentucky State Penitentiary.

Location in Kentucky
Population 856 (as of 2015)
Opened 1889
Managed by Kentucky Department of Corrections
Warden DeEdra Hart

How do I find out if someone is locked up in Louisville Ky?

There is an inmate search function where you can enter the inmate’s last name and search for them. You also have the option of calling the Louisville City Jail directly at 502-574-8477 and enquire whether an inmate is being held there.

How do I look up charges in Louisville Ky?

Please visit to view inmate information. When searching, after entering the CAPTCHA authentication, please be sure to CLICK the search button as shown below.

How to search for an inmate in Kentucky?

Kentucky Offender Search Visit the Kentucky Department of Corrections website Use their Free Kentucky Offender Search Enter the full name of the person incarcerated Enter as much additional information as possible View inmate/offender results and photos

How do you search for an inmate in jail?

Visit the website of the prison where the individual is being housed and look for a tab or link that says “search for inmates,” or something similar. Fill in the required information (typically the name of the inmate). The search should return the inmate’s booking number.

What is prison in Kentucky?

The Federal Medical Center, Lexington (FMC Lexington) is a United States federal prison in Kentucky for male or female inmates requiring medical or mental health care. It is designated as an administrative facility, which means that it holds inmates of all security classifications.